Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Singapore Leprosy Relief Association

Our 2nd project for Lunar New Year 2012.

Samantha went to purchase the last batch of oranges from Clementi NTUC

Willy Ang, Jen Soh and her daughter drew time out from this big festive season to help the folks.
The care taker of the home helped us too.

One of the patients. 

Many of them had leprosy when they were a kid and their family abandoned them. So, they do not know what it feels to have a family.

There are 41 patients here. Some of them can move by themselves, these are the ones that are bed bounded.

This 90+ years old lady cant see anymore. She does not have fingers.

This is their home. they are very normal people. We shake hands with them and gave them our blessings.

Thou this building is built in 2005 and seemed new, it has not been maintain and the working crew used a big canvas to prevent the rainwater from dripping directly onto the hall. the roof has been leaking for some time.

Thanks to the heart warming people that helped in this project. Samantha, Willy, Jen Soh and daughter and the working crew at the home.

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