Thursday, January 5, 2012

Save the trees

Do you believe in cause and effect?

I got a call to attend a case this morning.

4 persons were injured by a fallen dead branch from a tree. Blood was spurting out from 1 of them, 3 others was hit on the shoulder and back.

When I reached the site, the property manager was there with 15 other contractors. Everyone was worried and was trying to do the: not my fault, when I came in, it was already like that… or: we just took over the contract 1 month ago. How long does the branch takes to become this condition? You must come and tell them it is more than one month.

The branch is about 5-6 inches in diameter and about 10 meters long without any leaves on it.
When I walked to the tree that threw this branch, the tree told me that she is very angry because someone had step on her leg and given her wrong things to eat, causing her to have bad tummy ache. Also, she is thirsty and she needs to have a bigger house to grow.  She knew who stepped on her legs and she also knew who is the one that decided to build the structures. So she threw her broken branches at them. She was angry.

I told the tree:

            ok, don’t worry, I am here to protect you and promise you that you will not
be hurt anymore. I know that you have been working endlessly for the past             
30 years here, day and night. Giving shade to human and cars, giving home to             
the birds and beautifying this place. I will try to ask them to give u a public            
service medal for your long service award.

The tree gave me a blink and smiled at me.

I walked around the tree and saw construction damages on the roots. I see the new layer of heavy tar that had be super compacted because this road is meant for super heavy vehicles. They are throwing cement slurry on the soil to feed the tree.

I went back to the property manager and told him what the tree needed. He already had his own opinion and was giving instruction to everyone. He wanted to reduce the crown of all the 61 trees along this road. I told him, they do not need crown reduction but to clean up and give them proper feed.
He tried to explain to me that because accident happened, he has to show everyone that something has been done. He is making the decision for his own benefit! He want to answer to his boss!

Then I pursued him to only do alternate trees for the reduction. He said no, must do it altogether. I kept quiet because I am very new in this organization. When I gave my opinion, someone raised out that if I want to suggest anything, please go thro them before going to the property manager. I kept quiet.
After some time, this property manager told us to remove the 2 trees that are near to the construction area. One of them was the angry tree.

Then, one of the guy that the tree was angry with, came and tell the property manager: remove all 3, not 2!

He sounded angry and demanding too.

Hearing this, I was stunted to hear that the property manager agreed without hesitation or reconsideration. It sounded like bargaining of price at a market and the seller agreed to the bargain without counter offer.

I went blank and dare not look at the tree or go near her anymore because I promised her that I would give her what she wanted. Now, they want to kill her and her friends.

I never looked back because I know the 3 of them are very worried now upon hearing the news that they are innocently given a death sentence, and all her childhood friends were also being punished. I’m sorry, I did my best.

How many more trees can I save?

Mother Nature knows who is the bad person. When you hate the tree, they will do something to you.
I love the durian ideology! Have you ever heard of anyone that was hit by a durian? Very seldom or never. Because we love the tree and was hoping to get good durians from it, so the tree love us back by not dropping the durian on us!

Since the creation of metal and cement, we, human beings are being carried further and further away from nature. When trees are in argument with metal and cement, we human always will side the metal and cement, declaring the tree is the loser. Did you realized that?

Please, love them because they have worked endlessly for us. All they need is a little attention.


MiNG said...

all the gov bodies are not communicating..
the one that build road and pavement only need approve on the road surface, there is no guidelines under the ground nor on age /size / of the trees..
look at the epsiode on orchard flooding, the whole area of green space where ion used to stood was removed... hence removing the natural water holding area..( obviously the department incharge of the land, does not factor the green they will be removing will effect the water displacement.

in fact only trees and plants under the nature reserves are really protected.

singaporedream said...

Thanks MiNG,

i agree much that they are not communicating.

They have to learn to be humble with the public.

I wonder one day if a tree branch fall and hit our VIP, MP, Prime minister or.... all these trees in singapore will be 'punished'.