Monday, November 1, 2010

Our summary of round the world route

View summary of our route 2008-2010 in a larger map


Hans-Ueli said...

Hi, you two
I have got your webside from Silvia and Paul. Its a shame we havent met, some names on your blog I know, as Miriam, Daniel, Saskia and Andreas. Some, I have met in Ushuaia and Perito Moreno. I'm also traveling with my Africa Twin, but slowly. The first year I was only in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. Now, after one year in Europe, I will start his week again, mi Twin is in Iquique. Some time, I will do some social work in Sucre/Bol. and then...
I wish you all the best on your Twin
Hans-Ueli Flückiger

Bernadette Chua said...

Hi Mia Chun and Samantha,

When I was finishing up the closing chapter for my book, I read about your enriching adventure and mentioned you both as an inspirational example of following our dreams and flying high.

My book 'Fly Free' is now out and I would love to gift you both with a copy. Please contact me at

enJOY a beautiful abundant day and weekend!

:) B

singaporedream said...

hello Hans-Ueli! there are so many people that we know we common! u must be having fun in south america now. making your own bread, doing assados, drinking wine under the clear stars!


singaporedream said...

hi bernadette:

thanks for flying free as fellow singaporeans.

u will inspire more singaporean!

daveg said...

Goh / Sam!

That's quite a drive. It is a truly amazing route.

I can't wait to meet up with ya'll in Singapore!