Monday, November 15, 2010

tired singaporeans working

i am very tired working.

woke up at 645am,
reach home at 10pm.

what is life about in Singapore?

I want to have our own life. I can't even have time to write a blog.

I have been entertaining people around me. What about my wife and my family?

Most of the time during work, I am entertaining my Indian laborers. I must make them happy.

sometimes when i accidentally look at pictures in the RTW trip, especially pictures of friends and people, I felt very emotional.

Is this the life in Singapore?

My next challenge: to keep away from the Singaporean life but to live the Singaporean way in Singapore.

Give me some time. I still have some more things to share with you guys.

i'm just too tired and sleepy.

drop me a comment to support me.



wintergurl said...

Yea .... too stress lol .... but since you have to work no choice ..... why not u looking for another job??? o else??

dun give up

singaporedream said...

hi wintergurl,

i am running my own business. so... is it a good thing or not?

i never give up because there is always Hope Too.

LandfillSearcher said...

Goh! It must be hard to go back to normal life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this blog. Check your e-mail, I may come visit you soon!

Jen, from Canad

Amzah said...

Nice to hear from you after the long trip. Well, life likes that. You have to take one at the time. Dont look too far beyond, just enjoy the best what is it now (the present).
Like you before, Im enjoying my current Europe Adventure Ride 2010 now. Its cold and freezing riding now in Europe. My timing to be here is not quite right though. Catch up with you later. There is always Hope Too. Amzah

Desmond Kong said...

Bro,dun be disheartened!U're someone whom we know can make things happen & we hv faith in u!Jia You!!We're behind u!

gohjohan said...

You have problem re-adjusting. Almost 3 years ago, after going for North Thailand trip for 16 days, I already feel the difference. Sadly we have to work to feed our family, pay the bills and maintain our Hope Twos.

Speaking of Hope Two, I parked next to Hope Two today when I went to see Chan to get a rivet for my H&B saddlebag. I see that she's been through a lot. In a way, you and Hope Two are similar. When going through life or bike journey, there's hardship and rest. I'm sure your "rest stop" will be coming somewhere, 'cos you also came back not too long ago and you already have a business running where as I'm working part time until my contract finishes end of January.

I hope you feel better when you reach your "rest stop" and recover

Anonymous said...

Yo goh! You already took the First step many sillyporean afraid of..Working for yourself. U Just need some adjustment mentally. You can't change the life back home, you gonna change yourself. Like me, i can't change both of it..thats why i leave the place. :) cheers!

RaTz said...

Hang in there buddy. I'm sure there're lots of adjustments to make, but things'll settle down eventually. Hey, I still owe you and Sam a chicken rice treat! ;-)
Let's catch up when you've the time, yah? Take care, my friend. Pls send my regards to Sam