Thursday, October 28, 2010

Free presentation! FREE!!!!!!

Remember Saskia and Andreas? the Swiss team that traveled with us for a month in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador? Romina (pink) is the colleague of Andreas and he asked Romina to bring me a parcel, something which I love from Europe! We bought Romina and Johanna on the back of my dirty truck, from Lao pasat, we travel to Geylang, to Long Bar in Raffles hotel, round orchard road on a truck and back to little india. On 2nd meeting, we went to Mount Faber to visit the 'most high class' toilet in the world. Romina and Johanna had a good time on my truck, spinning around Singapore. Many vehicle came by close to see why are there bunch of pretty girls sitting on this dirty truck. Samantha and her friend, Jyln was also on the truck.

Special places in Singapore for photography.

Pricing for our presentation.

Summary sharing session of trip (2hours, not more than 120 pax, equipments and meeting time not included.) S$1000:

Show of slides of the 40 countries in chronicle order, bring listeners together with my journey. Most audience would be enriched with the unlimited land boundary that they can think of.

Motivational, inspiring and fun video of our trip. One of them is the ‘one year living on the road’.

The difficulties we met before and during the trip. How we managed to overcome them. For example: lost of motorcycle before the trip, penniless in Iran, Custom officer in Argentina do not allow us to exit the country…

sharing about our life. My wife and I come from normal family. I was raised up by parent that worked in hawker center. I was a rebellious kid with very poor academics results. How much matter I went through that made me change my life, turning my decision to give up my comfortable life in Singapore to pursue my dream with my wife. Especially giving up the business that is on the track very fast.

People we met on the road:

USA: Dr Greg Frazier: American Red Indian that had rode around the world on motorcycle for 5 times. His 4th time is with a lady with Parkinson disease.

USA: Dave Barr: Leg-less person that rode his Harley Davison around the world and made several world records.

USA: Santa Babara: Duncan.

Argentina: David and Joan: 75 years old English couple on bicycle from Argentina to Alaska.

India: Mr Yadok: the honest man in India.

Pakistan: Shazard Abassi, the scholar that chose to stay in his village.

Pakistan: chinese man on his bicycle for 13 years.

Argentina/Chile: Miriam and Cecilia: Solo lady riders.

Argentina: Hostel Argentino: Gracillo got kicked out by landlord.

Argentina/Chile: Daniel: ‘you don’t have to like everybody’.

Argentina/Chile: Danile: 'Fabio, let your soul be my pilot!'

Chile: Enzo and Martina from Villa Kuntabunt: taught me what is ‘passion’.

Swiss/Singapore: Karin and Sam on bicycle in 2007.

Hospitality and lovely people in Pakistan, Iran, Brasil, Columbia, USA and Indonesia.

And many more!

Conclusion: regrets in life. OCS, mum, the trip, friend (junhui). Treasure everything we have now.

15-25minutes on stage Q&A.

Item 1-3: 45-60 minutes.

Item 3-6: 45-60 minutes.

Technical learning’s: (30-45minutes, maximum 120pax, S$500)

Route planning.

Gears and equipment: Self defense and sleeping gears..

Base camp settlements – friends, wills, property, bank, and death of close and loved ones.

Minimizing cost, maximizing exposures.


Documents: visas, carnet and health related issue.

Seeking sponsorship + media marketing + responsibility – freedom = ???.

Terrain adaptability. High altitude challenge, arid desert, sand storm, rocky grounds, cold and snow riding, rainy activities.

Internet stuff like CS, is not real but many liked it.

Why are there so may Westerners travelers? Where are the Asians?

How to get money during and after travel.

Ho How much money is enough for the trip? who has that amount.

Reason for travels: Good for smaller groups in a small discussion.

(45-60minutes, price to be advice, only open to selected individuals)

Show off and get friends to be jealous?

Take pictures and put in facebook to impress others?

Record setting? 5 minutes fame?

Voluntary and charity work in other countries? Help the poor? Refer to beard man in Mexico. No thanks for us. Root to all the problem.

Politics and business, how are we not involved?

What is a Gap Year? What are the achievements?

‘I want to see and experience different culture.’ So, how big is the moon overseas? So what when we see and experience different cultures? What benefits?

Planning against adventure.

Time or budget limited travel?

Adventure is calculated risk?

What’s our next adventure? Clearing the cloud in the sky so that the moon will always stay bright in Singapore? Bringing the country to us?

Interested, please leave your email and particulars on my blog. Thank you.

Museum at Fort Canning.
Little India

View from 72nd floor hotel.
Clark Quay.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxOur feelings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello Singapore.

It has been 3 months since we touched back home. Sam and I need to adjust our life back. We need to eat, we need a place to sleep, we need to have babies, we need to work just like everyone of you.

Right now, our time are very precious. I am holding on to 2 vocations and both is on the start up, which made Sam and I VERY BUSY! If we are not doing anything, we would appricate rest time at home, sometimes doing some self studies to upgrade ourselves. No body can afford to buy our precious rest time, i'm talking on real value. i don't think anyone would want to pay S$10,000 an hour for me to chit chat or get to know us more.

Media, event companies and education sectors have been approaching us for sharing sessions. They are making big money! So far, we were invited to a few sessions to voice out and show face in their events. Helping them to make BIG money and in return, we have:

lost our time with family and close friends
lost my time in starting up my 2 career and business.
lost our rest time.
lost the time Sam and I enjoyed together.

What do we get furthur on top of all these? We don't know.

Education institutions and public organizations paid their lecturer and managers near to 5 digit of monthly salary. Yet, these people ask me to 'share our experience' with the students for free because it is for education.


I bought a pants that i like a lot. it got torn on the first day when i walk in a construction site.

remember the times where we need to get money from our parents, queue up in front of our teacher's desk and get a recipe from our teacher? we have no chance to bargain about the price for studying. Yet, now these people want me to do things for free? haa... Try that on Khoo Swee Chiow, i believe he will spend his free time helping the needy in singapore, not all these cooperates.

Sorry, I earn my money through landscape industry, not by selling my adventure experience and inspiration. I also need to eat and have a house, like you! Sam and I are very willing to talk to public, friends, fellow travelers and any individual for free, if we have the time.

So, if you are now looking at this posting now, please let me know if you would want to buy my time.

Am I asking for too much? no!
for the summary sharing session and the technical session, it is CHEAPER than going to a cinema and watch a show! S$1000/120 pax = $8.30 per person!

Interview with Pamela Ho from 938Live is fun! What's not fun are the people working behind us. I have the recording in MP3 but i do not know how to upload on the internet. Being live on the air is an experience. Sam and i are so 'mic-shy'. Thanks Pamela, you are really great!

Stanley Leong (right) used to be in 938 media corp too! He started working for PMO (Prime Minister Office) not long ago. Meng Chuan (Left) was also arranging to interview me. He had read my blog upside down and i am very impressed with his interest in my blog. Both Stanley and Meng Chuan are writing articles and they are connecting Singaporeans that are living overseas. I hope our story would make more Singaporeans to come back home in no time.

Anybody wants to come for my little presentation for NUS? Leave me a message.


Seeprompt said...

In my resume it states that I used to work as a social worker and was attached to schools. All that I am saying is kudos to you for being able to spot the real motives for all of the “openings” in sharing in schools.

Someone told me that, “Pain is the best teacher”. I am beginning to understand what that means.

P.S. It is common knowledge that celebrities (even local ones) charge for their appearance/endorsement for charity events.

singaporedream said...

hi Seepromt: yes. we never get discount from school. Yet, when school approaches us for service, they always want a discount.

in my landscaping job, i have very bad experience with singapore's school. maybe i need to be more academic to suit them. i am too farmer.

i am not celebrities. i am stupid for helping out the wrong people that just want to make use of me. they would say: it's my best time to make myself more famous through our upcoming event.

im sick of all these. celebrities? i pity them. they live in a world which they can't differentiate between real and acting. very sad.

Anonymous said...

I support on your decision. Don't let those big company out there eat your time by inviting you to give free talks in exchange for fame. When you beg for sponsorship no one turns to you, now they wanted you to give free talk stated as education purpose. Your topic will not be in any of their exam paper so where is the education purpose?

There is no free lunch especially in Singapore. It is what our govt taught us.
$1000/120 is still consider cheap. You shall charge in USD.

Dennis said...

Had a nice time with you in NUS... Hope we can stay in touch.

Dennis said...

Hope i get to have a ride in ur lorry too

Desmond Kong said...

U found out how to prevent 'extraction' of ur photos in good resolution from ur blog?Seems that when I do a right click,cant open the photos any larger.Good,Good.

Sorin said...

Ive a question. what do you mean by this, "Take pictures and put in facebook to impress others? "

Anonymous said...

Take pictures and put in facebook to impress others?

Ive a question pertaining to the above...what exactly do u mean by that?