Thursday, October 21, 2010

what is happening to the expats in singapore? who is considered expats?

oh, i just read something again about White people in our community. what is your opinion?

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Yah, that's why I think one of the good things about the Internet is that you can post honest statements that others will understand to be truthful without any social/racial biases coming into play. My take is that Singaporeans (and perhaps to a large extent many other non-caucasian cultures/countries) is that they are just bloody fawning over the white man/women. Its the same colonial idea that people with coloured-hair & coloured irises are superior to all other races. When I work with colleagues, its very bloody obvious that Caucasians are treated with respect more and get less shit jobs while get paid more...than some very bright locals I know.

Some of our Singaporean brethren will even go to the extent of "talking up" and faking accents in order to talk to Caucasians...sometimes I almost want to puke when I see such facades going on...Please lah....we (other races) are just simply putting down our own race because somehow we all know deep down that there's this little heirarchy in our minds that say the white-man is higher up in the rankings. its an unwritten & unspoken rule in Singapore and the best part is that the white-man knows this and leverages this to the full extent for his own advantages...the Caucasians talk his nonsense a little louder and all the locals run for cover or nods in agreement as if hypnotized by the caucasian accents.

Common...I think most Singaporeans like to interact more with Caucasian than say other races (e,g, Aryan64 above from India) is simply because a little voice at the back of their minds is hoping that they can get lucky and bed one (whether guy or girl)....haha...that's the ugly truth which nobody wants to admit in public...its Taboo, and usually with all cultural taboos...there's always that tinge of embarrassing truth, which is why we humans don't want to admit it openly and just classify it as taboo.

Frankly, given a choice, I think more than 50% of the Caucasians expats in Singapore really don't deserve to be paid that much to talk all the rubbhish here. I know they look good in suits and can spout some fanciful words as consultants, but if we use our logical ,rational minds a bit more, we can see through their nonsense and posturing easily. Even the big companies all hire the Caucasian as CEOs and pay them big bucks just as a figurehead who can talk nice, flowery words but don't forget we (Singaporeans) built this city from the blood & sweat of our forefathers AFTER we kicked the damned ass of the British out!

Now we're almost handing it back on a platter to these Caucasian CEOs with big fat bonuses who comes here messes up everything for a year or 2, and then gets another golden handshake before he leaves for good, while the locals are the unsung heroes quietly doing the real work in the background. WTF, I guess this human construct of a world is just so sad, farcical and shallow.


contrarian said...

"Farcical and shallow" are the right words to describe the author of the comment.

Everytime I see a comment like that loser's, I laugh with contempt at the fool who makes up imaginary enemies in his mind and looks down on himself. A loser trapped in his own world of self-pity, blaming everyone else in the world for his misery. And with the audacity to assume that he knows what others think too.

But such is life - there'll always be such losers with a chip on their shoulder, thinking the whole world must be against them.

singaporedream said...

Hi Contrarian!

u had given me a different view. thanks! i added 1 point to my knowledge.

now im back in sg, do i have the chance to meet u?


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