Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Singaporean hero... the list goes on.

BTW, things aside of my trip, in my greatest respect for the first Singaporean, the VERY FIRST SINGAPOREAN 1960s to win a Olympic Medal. In the 1960s, times were hard. If any boy would tell their parents that they want to be a sportsman, they will be scolded. At those times, to get a decent living is also hard and yet, Mr Tan Howe Liang made it. Compared to now, any sportsman that win a medal for singapore would be reward with a $xxx,xxx.xx but what about our forgotten hero, Mr Tan?

Take down your hat now, he is 77 years old and coaching Gym in Bedok. We should not forget our locally grown talent. He stays in Singapore after his achievement, stays in a humble 3 roomed flat and still contribute to the society of Singapore. We should learn alot from him.

I want to take time off to Bedok Gym to meet my hero...

Then, i found a forum about him:

or u can wikipedia about him.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah!At least we feel proud of him as he's a local grown Singaporean!