Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Are we using the road correctly?

I was traveling from Eunos, on the Pan Island Expressway, towards Jurong. the traveling speed that I experienced was the same as the Indonesia Java speed. Which means there was a massive traffic congestion through out this expressway.

1) The speed of traveling in the congestion here is EQUAL to the speed of traveling in the congestion when we were in Java (Indonesia).

2) Singapore's Pan Island Expressway had a total of 8 lanes on both ways, Indonesia Java had 2 lanes on both ways.

3) if u look at point 1 and 2, ain't our driving skills 4 times less efficient than the Javanese driving skills?

4) Indonesian uses horn to say 'hello' or 'do u want a taxi'.

Singaporean uses horn to say 'Get the F out of my way' or the longer horn means 'Get the FFFFFFFFFFF out of my FFFFFFFFFFF way!'

5) do we need to go for social driving ettiquate course? There are so much to learn from our neighbours.

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gohjohan said...

I came back from HK on Friday morning and Saturday, I collected my bike from my friend's place at Commonwealth. When I rode home, I agree with you about the way people drive here and other countries. A lot to learn. Even in HK, where people drive fast and furious, multiple vehicle accidents don't occur just as often as SG. I notice the way drivers in HK & SG brakes, there's a difference. HK drivers can brake better than SG drivers, yet we drive the same car