Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Keeping blood pressure at normal

On the 2nd or 3rd day when we were back to Singapore, we brought Hope Too for a body checkup. We highlighted to the doctor that there might be some issue with the charging system or the battery but the doctor say it's ok, no problem.

I took Sam on Hope Too, to Johor Barhu (Malaysia) on the 7th day of our come back to Singapore. Hope Too need a rest by cutting off the ignition wire. We were stucked there. I need to go back on the same day urgently as I need to report to the army on the next morning.

I took out all the cover, used a small torch light and looked all over the battery compartment, charging system, fuse box and wiring. Trying to catch some loose wire hanging but no chance.

I realised that when ever i turn the handlebar, it cut off by itself.

In the end, I took a rope to tie the wire at the ignition, hoping it would be a little tight. Then i had to ride back to Singapore while maintaining the handlebar straight all the time.

It cost me S$160.00 for a new ignition changed. At the change, I asked another doctor on duty to check for Hope Too's charging system and battary... he twisted the throtter to almost 4000RPM and tell me it's ok...

the above is the old igniton.
2 morning ago, I need to go to 'work'. I started Hope Too and he said he was too tired to move. the battery gone flat, like what happened in Pakistan during Febuary 2008.
I have to take a taxi to Siglap... that cost me more than $20 to report to 'work'.
Why is Hope Too performing badly? So what when we had brought this baffolo back to Singapore and yet it broke down again and again.
Where is our stolen Hope?
We learnt to see through. It's so normal for me to face difficulty and obstacle. So, when ever we face obstacle, we take it easy and smile at the air. This method made my day better and kept blood pressure at a normal rate.

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Desmond Kong said...

Well said,we should try to look on the bright side of things whenever possible though it's not always really that possible in reality.