Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Live our dream, fly our flag!

We would like to thank the author of ‘A Tankful of Time’ by Mr Michael Peter Foong, which had lighted up my fire of dream in 2003.

Finally, after 2 years and 7 months, we did it.

We had achieved a zero accident record.

Now we are back, what’s next? Many are keen to find out.

We have to schedule out time to see our relatives and friends that had been missing us, that had been following our trip, that had been worrying about us and that had been giving us support all these while when we were out there.

I have to prepare my 11 days In-camp-training from the 10 August. Samantha had to start her driving lessons.

We have to prepare pictures and documents for presentations that some had invited us. It was a pleasure for us to share our experience with fellow Singaporeans, hoping that our story will inspire them.

Our blog will still continue. There are stories about Indonesia and Malaysia which we had not finished. There are many feelings about the trip that we want to share over this blog. There is much information that we would share too. So, we would still be ‘dreaming’ on this blog. Save it as your favorite webpage.

We would start looking for jobs.

We need to see Singapore again, as we had never did before in our life.

As for Hope Too, he is our only transport now. We wanted to keep the plastic aside because there were so many signatures on it that we would keep as memories. These signatures are valueless. We have to consider about Hope Too going around naked… so we have to earn a bit of money, buy another set of plastic for this buffalo, then we can keep the current plastic covering in the house before the rain and shine destroy those signatures.

We do not have much internet connection now but could be contacted via mobile phone. If you do have any enquires, please leave a message or use the search engine on the right side.

Thank you Singapore, thank you my parent, family and friends, thank you well wishers, thank you those that had not believe in us, thank you those that had made us stronger. We are back in Singapore to tell everyone that we (Singaporeans) can do it!

Peace and prosperity to Singapore and the world.

Goh Mia Chun and Samantha Pan


RaTz said...

Welcome back home, Goh and Sam! Hope you'll have a good rest before your in-camp ;-)

YC - ur band junior said...

only got to know your adventure 2 months back.. wished i could follow you guys through earlier!

great job for completing this journey :)

iza&kamil said...

Congratulations guys..you have made safely back to SG!see you one day around..iza&kamil, cheers from brasil

Sandra Chiang said...

You're an inspiration, both of you, and a great example of what one can achieve with determination and commitment. I'm so glad we crossed path that one fine day in Argentina. Keep up the adventures and stories. Congrats!!! :)

Aury said...


I found your blog as I am preparing for a few months journey in South Am, planning to cargo from France to Argentina to start...

I wish I could be in SGP to get your advices !

Thank you for posting this blog, it contains much valuable info and will help greatly in the preparation of my trip.

Big congratulations for making it over 2.5 years, good to see you safe home!

cheers from France!