Monday, July 26, 2010

Top Story 2010!

There would be a short rally ride on 1st August, Sunday, 12noon at Esso, Gelang Patah, JB, Malaysia. It is to welcome the first official couple from Singapore that had circumnavigated the globe on their 'last minute' motorcycle. They had traveled thro Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Oceania and back to Asia via East Timor and Indonesia. Their journey started since 1st January 2008.

The coupled had various anonymous records: they are the first couple from Singapore and maybe Southeast Asia to

1) Circumnavigated round the world on a motorcycle without any companionship and backup support vehicle.

2) Traveled on a motorcycle from Ushuaia (Argentina) to Arctic Circle (Alaska, USA) using the Pan American Highway (the world's longest "motorable road" according to Guinness World Record).

3) The first couple in the world that had lost the motorcycle before the round the world trip.

Upon reaching Singapore land, the Singapore flag would be raised on their bike and would ride with it to Clementi Ave 2 with the convoy.

Their record and success for the round the world trip would also dedicate to Singapore’s 45th Birthday!

Please join them for the ride.

Lets look back the inspirational journey of Goh Mia Chun and Samantha Pan Ling Hong since 2007.

SINGAPORE : A young husband-and-wife team has embarked on a journey of a lifetime - an 18-month trip around the world on a motorbike.

Goh Mia Chun and his wife Pan Ling Hong quit their jobs to go on this trip that will take them through 48 countries.

"My motive is to see as much as possible, to experience as much as possible and to see the world," said Goh.

If they succeed, they'll be the first Singapore couple to complete this route.
It has taken them five years to plan the trip and there have been bumps along the way.
They spent S$40,000 on a motorbike and modifications such as a larger fuel tank.

But their motorbike was stolen in October while travelling in Malaysia.
The couple had to spend 40% of their budget to buy a replacement.
Shortly before leaving, the couple prayed before locking up their home.

Fellow bikers accompanied them to Tuas Checkpoint to give them a proper send-off on their marathon journey.

Source: Margaret Perry 2008, S'pore couple embarks on 18-month trip around world on motorbike ,, viewed 4th January 2008
Posted by: Yvette


tiong_kellin said...

Wow...what you've experienced & achieved; it's truely amazing. I'm so proud of you. Anyway, I look forward to 1st Aug & seeing you.

Daniele Ciccone said...

COngratulation my dear friends.

contrarian said...

Welcome back! The toll rates for the 2nd link drop on 1 August at both ends to welcome your return.

Hanneke said...

Yeah :-) 2,5 years and I'm sure you've had the experience of a lifetime. I'm proud to have met you on the way (twice :-)). Keep in touch! Love, Hanneke

Wanderlust said...

Congratulations.. Ride safe!

Alientyc said...

this is amazing!
I will like to do something like this soon!

andrea and thomas said...

hey you two.. great you made it home careful to keep your experience you made as long as you can within your daily life.. it is difficult, we know but it is the best you can do after such a trip... let us know how you are doing and keep in contact :-) we just had a wonderful reunion with Daniel we met in Argentina and a mutual friend from Argentina who shared a wonderful mate with me... so we hope you enjoy being home and keep yourself optimistic, you have experienced so much nobody else will ever understand or feel with you... take care our friends, hugs andrea and thomas

Katherine said...


I don't know if this sounds weird, but... you guys make me feel proud to be Singaporean :D

brembo said...

This is very inspirational....and very proud of you guys making it!
It is an experience all us biker who love touring would ask for!

singaporedream said...

thank you all my friend. we would love to share more of our stories with u all the same time inspire more people around to achive their dream.

ChrisW said...

What an amazing trip ! Saw the news on TV last night and I met you guys along Lavender Street this morning, while on the mountain bike. Cheers again !

Kev said...

this is the dream of every true passion bikers..
you guys made it possible rather than just talks.
a truly inspiring trip that had me following this blog for 2yrs 7mths..
congrats & welcome back.
ride safe. =)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys!!You have made it!Well done...Iza&Kamil - cheers from Brazil