Monday, July 5, 2010

bali ubud

More pictures of Ubud, Bali.

we are still lagging in our posting. will post up the event of Java bikers where we were being escorted from central java to end of west java everyday with the full hospitality.

Marisol: once Hope Too and both of us stepped onto land of malaysia, we felt like kissing the ground. everything was under control and we knew what would be happening next. especially for sam, she would meet up with all her friends and relative first. actually it was me that was the first to meet my friend. he was another biker from singapore and spotted me on the highway... When we go back home, we will still continue this blog because you are reading it! tks... hugs and kisses from Malaysia!

posted on 23 July 2010


heartache said...

Hi there

sorry for not writing for ages. but I am following closely with your activities.

glad to hear you are on the last leg, heading back home real soon!

guess your family must sure have missed you very much!

you and Sam have really us, Singapore, proud!

Welcome home!

heartache said...

Hi there

sorry for not writing for ages but I have been following your blog.

Glad to hear you are on the last leg of your journey and heading back home on 01 Aug!!

You and Sam have made us, Singapore, proud for sure!

Your family members must have missed you.

Welcome HOME!

elrica said...

Hi, RazorTV might want to feature Mia Chun and his wife. If so when would be a good time to do the interviw? How do I contact the couple?

Pls contact Elrica at 98178758.

elrica said...

Hi, RazorTv might want to interview you and your wife on Sunday. Can you contact me (Elria) at 9817 8758 or

Anonymous said...

Wish my children will also do something inspiring when they grow up.

Anonymous said...

You guys rock. Hope my wife and I will get the opportunity to travel the world too like you two. Good life!

cheekykoon said...

Welcome back! You r an inspiration! With HOPE we explore the world n bring HOPE to all over the worldz.

The wandering wonderer... Wondering wandering...

Anonymous said...

Hi! Travelling on a bike around the world has always been my dream! is it possible to share with me your travel route and how much have you spent throughout the whole trip? Look forward to hear from ya!

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Congrats on an incredible journey! My utmost respect goes to the two of you!