Thursday, March 4, 2010

my mum's life

This short video is about my mum’s life. From a pretty young girl, a dog lover, one of Singapore youngest lady bus driver in the 1970s, to her marriage to dad, to my sister and me been introduced to the family and to mum’s last few years, fighting her life with leukemia (blood cancer).

On the one of the slides, there’s one photo of grown up me wearing a red T-shirt with mum. That photo was taken in Sentosa of Singapore. I had almost finished my 2 years national service and our platoon had a gathering. During the gathering, we were allowed to bring a girl along. Most of them brought their girlfriend along but I brought mum. It was the day when I realized that mum had server headache and that was the start that she was diagnosed with cancer.

After that, you could see the photos that followed. Her body and health deteriorate. Every time I watch this, my tears would wet my eyes. I always had difficulty in watching this video till end without tears wetting my eyes.

In memory of Mdm Chua Siang Keng,

23 August 1950 to 19 April 2003.

click on the picture to watch the video.

From kennie's umbre

Would like to thank my friend Chua Soon Dee for making this presentation.


Marisol said...

Big big kiss for you both.
I've seen the video and it's absolutely beautiful!!
Cheer up my friend, she's taking care of you on every step you make.

Anonymous said...

Di, you make me cry again...

Anonymous said...

Thats a very nice video, i'm touched by your love for your mum, she's watching over you