Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We lost a friend.

Mdm Irene Tan Nee Ho Cheng Sim passed away peacefully on 5th January 2010, 1:35am. Casket resting at Church of Holy Spirit, 248 Upper Thomson Road. Prayer service tonight and tomorrow at 8pm. Please note parlor closes at 10pm. Cottege will leave for Church of Risen Chirst Toa Payoh for mass on 7th January 2010 at 8:30am. Thereafter to Mandai Cremetorium Hall 1 at 9:45am.

I was working in Country Manna Restaurant, Far East Plaza from 1995 for a few years. Auntie Irene was working with me. She is quite a fussy person to work with. Not many people could work with her but i was exceptional. She didn't like the other crews that were working with her except for a very few and i was one of them. She was the oldest lady that was on my back of my motorbike.

When Samantha and I got married in 2006 March, we invited her. At that time she had some mobility problems so i got my friend, Rick Ong, to fetch her and back for our wedding. That was the last time we met her. After the wedding, we were so busy in our business, making sufficient money to fund the trip. During that time I always told Sam that we should set time aside to visit her as she was living alone. It never happened. During our RTW trip, I told myself that when we go back, we must go to her house and have a small gathering.

Yesterday, Sam mentioned about Auntie Irene. I told Sam that she must be doing well. This morning, I recivied an SMS from Vincent about it. It shoke me alot. I went out and had a tears filling the cup.

Auntie Irene was a very kind lady to me and had taken care of me alot and now we are not able to see her again, for the rest of our life.

This incident made us think, the value of time with people around us.

Could someone sent our condolence to her family? I think she does not have much family members around.

Our last picture taken together during Vincent's wedding.

thank you Auntie Irene, we will miss you.


Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, Aunt Irene. Yes, we don't know how long we, or people around us, will be around. Take care and all the best.

Tan said...

Hi Mingjun,

I saw your message on my facebook wall. I can understand the pain of losing someone closed to the heart. Each breath that we take is a blessing, which is why we must appreciate with what we have, eg. family, friends, wife/girlfriend who are closed to our heart.
- Christopher (NPCB 1997)