Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sydney with Kennie and Edwin

We would like to thank Aaron Thor (Dallas, USA) and Hii Chun Hii for their generous donation, that helped in our visa extention in Australia.

remember the xmas video i put on youtube on my previous post? they removed the music. it took me 8 hours to upload this video again using blogger. hope you guys can view it again thou xmas is over.

On the day we reach Australia Sydney, we stayed in Adrian’s room as he was away back home in Singapore. We updated our location on the blog and soon, Kennie got in contact with me via email and we met up and rejoiced. With us was Edwin. Kennie and Edwin came to Sydney after their national service in Singapore. That was about 10 years ago for further education and settled in Sydney. I last saw Kennie was about 5 years ago and Edwin about 10 years ago in Singapore.

Kennie and I were classmates, band mates, gardening society members and buddy for the 4 years during my secondary school education. We were always sitting together in class and had fun teasing other friends around us and many times, joking about our teachers and giving them nicknames. When we were in secondary one, Edwin was in secondary three where he was our senior in the military band.

It was after secondary education and we went different institute and that gapped us.

There were so many things to talk about when we met up, especially about our common friends. As host, they brought us to many places in Sydney. Kennie brought us to a lobster dinner for the first night and introduced us to his wife, Sally. Both of them brought us to a dinner in a local hotel and we made an arrangement for a weekend ride. I was surprised that the two of them picked up motorcycling and had passion in it.

It was so interesting being my first time riding with my band mates. Everyone made an effort to wake up on a lazy weekend. This was the very first time during the trip where we rode to a Chinese temple and it was the biggest Chinese temple in the southern hemisphere. The ride ended in Kennie’s place where we had Australian BBQ. After the dinner, he also offered to guide us home, half hour away in his car until we reached Adrian’s house.

One of the weekdays, Kennie took off from his busy scheduled job just to take us around. I reckoned that it will be our last meeting in Sydney, else in Singapore. Edwin wasn’t available for the day as he was busy but he made up by coming to us at Adrian’s house to have dinner with us and we had a good time too.

On the day we left Sydney from Adrian’s house, Kennie surprised me by turning up at our place to say goodbye and guide us out of this busy city. We were very touched by his effort because we know that we will not have time to see each other that often again, being good friends when we were young and now, it’s sad to say goodbye.


RaTz said...

Great to know tt you guys are back on the trip again! Let the good times roll!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that yu guys are in AU!!!All the best for new year 2010!!!If you are looking for a job, its quite easy to get it just on the tourist visa:-))) Enjoy your stay. If you need any help in Mel, do let us know.

Marisol said...

Finally I can leave a message!! (didn't work before!!).
Isn't it great that you can enjoy, not only MAKING new friends, but visiting old ones???
I imagine how hard may be saying goodbye!! (I've experienced it with you!!).
Best of lucks!
Muchos besos!!