Tuesday, January 12, 2010

4D in Singapore, had fun at Kennie's place

any one won the Draw? Hope Too's number was the FIRST PRIZE IN SINGAPORE!!!

Draw No: 2955 Sunday 03 Jan 10

1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Starter Prizes
0613 0947 1248 1657 2776 6675 6969 8151 8874 9464

Consolation Prizes
0693 0734 2128 3101 4179 7406 7895 8565 8725 9916

and the below is something i did just for fun when we were having bbq at kennie's place.


Daniele Ciccone said...

Did you guys win anything?

Ah Tan said...

Bo Tio arr...

Andreas/Uncle Curly/Boss said...

oh, i'm sitting in my classroom and i miss travelling with you guys. *snief, snief*
good luck for the rest of your trip!
we will meet again in switzerland, won't we? ;)))

Anonymous said...

GPH : Danny dreamt that you came back. Bought your bike no. for that week. 2 wks later came out 1st prize!! aggrrrrrr...

andrea and thomas said...

thanks for making us smile while watching you ;-) hope you are fine and we miss you too!!!
andrea and thomas