Monday, September 7, 2009

short report on what we did. thank you friends!

Hardcore biker's office. guess who's ??


i decided to present our trip to the fellow bikers in USA. it was a last minute decision.

Dr Greg and Dave Barr.

At the Horizons Unlimited meeting, Colorado. Grant Johnson arms crossed.

Free cow girls show. shooting competition. GARANG! er...what is garang? it's kind of Singlish.

Thanks Dr Greg!

Horizons' meeting.


Fellow Singaporean friends in Dallas. Arron, me, Sam, Laura and Mervin.

thank you Jack Jackson and Varadero Friends from Will update what they do.

dear friends.

sorry that we have not updated the blog. been so excited after Hope Too gets running!

just a brief on what we went through… we didn’t have much internet connection for the past 1 week. been staying in ’wireless-less’ places. also got to rush to Alaska before 12 September before weather gets really cold! it’s no longer traveling now. it’s a challenge of health, to the cold we are meeting. we are now writing in a KOA, campground of America. not cheap. camping with a bench cost us S$35 a night!

we left Dave’s house in Houston to Dallas where I met Aaron, a senior Singaporean biker living there.

reached Colorado where we attended a Horizons unlimited meeting for 3 nights.

had our first 2 flat tires for the past 20 months.

stayed at Dr. Greg house for 3 nights. who is he?????? RTW 5 times around the world..

we met Dave Barr. It's really our pleasure to meet him. who is he?

headed to a POW-WOW. what is that? met the real native Americans. a carnival.

went through the cold roads in to the most north west border in USA to Canada. we are one day away to Canada.

good news is that Starhub reconnected my phone line. they, themselves are investigating on the high bill.

bad news is that:

1) Hope Too’s steering head is still bad after changing the full bearing set. I don’t care. as long as it is moving now, we are happy,
2) We need a carnet de passage to Australia as they had just change the law. that means that we have to go through the pain of putting S$10000.00 with a bank (with all the admin fees and paperwork) and wait to get the carnet. is there an easier way to import our bike to Australia. we are flying to Sydney from LA on 26 November. may seems far but everyday other than the cold that is bothering us, this carnet issue is giving me headache!

internet is ‘rare’ on our route. we have not shower for 2 nights, not to mention to have internet.

we will update our pictures soon after Alaska. wrong time, wrong tires!

cold cold! we are not Eskimos!


Marisol said...

I'm so glad to find your update!!
It seems you're enjoying lots to be on the road again, eventhough it's THAT cold!! brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
You'll see as time goes by you'll find what to do/how to handle all the hassle with the carnet.
Big kiss for both of you!!

RaTz said...

Great to hear tt the phone line has been re-connected!
Here's some info. on the Dalton Highway you still decide on heading north from Anchorage), though it's highly not recommended at this time..Take care and ride safe.

singaporedream said...

Marisol: yes, we are going on. the carnet issue is being decided. we have to put $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for that carnet. silly silly.

Ratz: we are back at canada. it's nice at alaska for early winter but many places are closed. thanks for your concern