Saturday, September 19, 2009

Artic circle

Yes! we have reached the Artic Circle in winter. we tried to view Aurora lighting last night but there isn't any luck.

coming back south on the same highway 11 is tough because it rained. the track became soapy, especially with my road tires. when we reached fairbanks this evening, we were welcomed by the cold and heavy rain. what to do? we still have to set up the tent, eat and sleep.

It's beautiful.

I'm gonna fly Hope Too out of USA from Los Angeles to Sydney on late November 2009 but the custom officer of USA wants to see the original document of my vehicle registration. i tried to explained to him that Singapore had gone paperless and everything has gone online but he insisted to see an original document.

Can anyone help me on this? Find an article on LTA website saying that the physical log card is no longer in use and everything has gone online and paperless.


goh, sam and cold.


Anonymous said...

I think get help from singapore embassor is much easier and official

Vincent said...


Maybe you can email LTA to ask for verification about the log card gone paperless.. i try to search for the article but in vain.


MJ said...

Hi Goh,

My name is Ming Jing from Singapore, I seen your post and i decided to find it for you. Although i do not thave the proof of what you want, but with you can print your log card via online with your singpass

Above is the link!!! You print and get the custom to call LTA to check. I believe if they are genuingly wanna get the truth, they will call to check.

Hope you pass thru safely!!


MJ said...

There is a write up over here, to highlight i would stress this here:

This quantum leap in process improvement has helped minimise commercial fraud since the physical log card can no longer be forged to transfer ownership of vehicles, and unauthorised vehicle-related rebates or fraudulent vehicle loans can no longer be secured simply because the log card does not exist except online.

ber nueng said...

Bro,hope tis email could help;(
Heng Bak Siong he's from LTA.

singaporedream said...

Thanks everyone. I am trying to get in contact with the freight forwarder in LA, it seems like they are rejecting my email from Yahoo singapore.

MJ: my name is very similar to yours! thanks for the info