Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back to the south

cheap rain gear.

Alaska King Crab!!!
that is only one of the legs. usually in singapore we throw away the legs because there isn't any flesh in it but this leg, it feeds both of us! it's about half an arm length.

im selling the above glass bottle for anyone that is intrested. it contained Alaska's natural mineral: GOLD. it says 24k gold.
i only had 2 left.
we saw the native Alaska people. they looked very much like us. very asiatic. the above picture is taken in a musuem.

Aurora sightings! took this picture from a book.
We would like to thank Jack Jackson for his regular contribution to our blog.

Also to:

Blanca and Jim Williams,
Lawrence Pevec
Joshua Briggs

for the cash contribution to us which we had bought

1) a new sleeping bag for Samantha for the very cold weather,
2) Waterproof cover for the sleeping bag as it is big, we have to tie it outside the bike,
3) Small Lantern with candle, to keep some heat in the tent,
4) a few Hand warmer,
5) waterproof cover for our passport,
6) cotton socks for me as I had only 2 pair of socks before,
7) lightweight raincoat.

it's snowing. ignore what im doing by the side of the road on the picture above.


snowing. from Anchorage to Whitehorse is tough. it's late in the season. 1st, we got rain, that soak us wet at a temperature of 4degress celcius with cold wind. then it snowed. the snow was abit dry, thats good but i have to use my glove to sweep away the snow on my visor, then it became icewater on my glove. the snow landed on our boots, then it became icewater. our feet and hands feels like being soak in a tub of icewater for 2hours.

cheap rain gear we bought. it was torn due to the wind.

a night after we woke up.
about 150km to whitehorse, thats where our pitstop is, Hope Too's rear bearing broke into bits. i can't take out the bearing with proper tools and it was very cold at the road. a kind man stopped his RV and offered us hot drinks and food meanwhile the Canadian policeman came with a trailer to tow Hope Too to the nearest workshop. i was lucky because the workshop had the same size of bearing and he charged me with a proper fee. we are heading south now.


andrea and thomas said...

hey really made it...everytime when it was too cold for us we drove south into the sun, so we are proud of you to have taken all effort to ride to the artic circle....:-) you should have bought better raingear though!!! no snow in switzerland yet and it will hopefully wait till november? where are you heading now? we know some guys in vancouver, who might give you a hot shower :-) let us know!!! take care, friends

Marisol said...

Wooooooowww.. that looks really tough! I can't imagine the experience you're living with all those weather conditions!!
After all the hassle you experiment in Canada with the fine and all that, I'm glad you still bumped into nice people opened to help and support you!!!
Big big big kiss for both of you, keep riding safely!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr Goh, I would realli like to purchase one of your vials. Pls email me at when possible. - rgds,Stanley

Kev & Lorraine Hatchett said...

Hi Goh and Sam
Just jumped onto your site and looking at your pictures, nice.
We thought we were overloaded, but looking at your bike you beat us hands down!
Ride Safe
Kev and Lorraine
Currently in a very wet Buenos Aires waiting for our bike.