Thursday, March 6, 2008

sucide bomb at Lahore.

4th march, we rode to the passport office to collect our passport for visa extension.along an usual road, there was a massive jam, which there is no cause to it. after collection, we try to get to canel road, near the mall intersection, was closed. along canel road, it was very quiet where all the traffic was being diverted.
5th march, we got up early to set off to islamabad. we recived a SMS from Sam Leong that sucide bomb has occur at the mall road yesterday. goshg..... we are close! thanks Sam Leong, giving us accurate news.
Islamabad was a quiet city thou it is the capital of pakistan. here.. we are listening to news about that Mas S. that escaped from the prison in singapore.

we plan to go up karakurum on coming sunday.

don't worry folks, we are still alive.


brifusg said...

In Pakistan, you'd better take extra care. Take care, both of you!

Pplater said...

I actually find your complains interesting and a good lesson. While majority of RTW reports are overwhelming positive partly because of the riders' optimism to life and situations in general, I find your complains both intriguing and informative. Blog on mate. Show us the bad sides people do not talk about. U give valuable lessons thru your lessons. While not entirely appealing, they are interesting :)

heartbreak said...

I got to agree with pplater on his comments. Reading your blog provides readers the "good" and "bad" of one encounter and provided a better insites of the places.

Do keep your blog going with your encounters along the way.

Anonymous said...

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Ms Hong

Enz said...

pls help !:) our research undertaken is about a niche group of singaporeans who are into 'extreme tourism'. you are the few who fit the bill :) so pls drop me an email at or thanks!