Monday, March 3, 2008


at last. at last.
border at india side was much straight forward. it's more systematic than the nepal-india border. maybe it's managed by the singhs. going to pakistan also easy. the immigration office is very high tech. the officers are VERY friend. they do no harm and do not have any intention on us. along the way to find lodging, we met passerby, taxi driver, road user, policemen. they came out and help us without asking for anything in return. at first the taxi driver came to help us, we thought that he want to bring us to a hotel and get commission but he showed us the way and said bye bye. some bikers also brought and escort us along the road. one man on a tuktuk jumped out of his seat at the traffic light, walked towards me and gave me a handshake saying: welcome to Pakistan. one businessman just came out of his car and help us to talk to the locals and when we are done, he gave us a handshake and went off.
the policemen gave us a road direction written on arabic.

as soon as we saw KFC, we rush in without checking into the hotel. we are craving for meat and fried chicken for long long time! the KFC engaged the mute and deaf to work at the front counter, which was really nice. i parked Hope Too outside KFC and went in to eat peacefully with this man shown on picture. he is the security guard, holding a pistol. the KFC is pretty small, about 2 times of a 7-11 and yet, security is up to standard.

these policemen sincerly helped us. they held high tech equipments. unlike other police officer we met at other countries, they really really on the ball.

generally, quite safe today, at Lahore. we need to get a longer visa as we were issued only 15days visa from the Paki embassy in singapore.

now our location:

N 31deg 34.551'

E074deg 20.035'

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Biking Nomad said...

Hi Goh!

Great to hear you're now in Pakistan!
Beautiful country though it gets tougher as you proceed North.

Lots of old palace ruins and the old city in Lahore to explore. DO look out when heading to Peshawar n Quetta.

All the best!

Biking Nomand

PS: Paki is not the best short form to refer to Pakistanis or Pakistan. I don't know what would be appropriate but try and steer away from that.