Sunday, March 2, 2008

at amritsar

so many things to see at amritsar. esp the show time at the Wagar boder. the border security forces of india are train to hate the forces at Pakistan. it's so happening that it was like a both side of stadium, both countries cheering for each other. the guards will perform high kicks and amazing stunt to out run each the guard from the other side.

other than this, the golden temple was amaing. it was truely an eye opener for us and to see how unite the sikh community is. we were very touched by them.

not forgetting how india gain it's independance, many innercent people were killed in this garden by the british. we watched the show 'Ghandi' and understood more about the effort put into independance. we really hope that the faith of india will carry on, as 50 years back, how they gain independance and carry on.

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