Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Memories of our trip. Proud of fellow bikers.

24th December 2008,

we reached the most Southern city of America Continent. It gave us much memories and the first to come in our mind during that time was the friends we made and had great time there.

Today, 24th January 2017, I received a message on facebook from Surinder Pal Singh, fellow biker from Singapore that went traveling with a few friends from Singapore on their own motorbike from Columbia and to Ushuaia, and I think also to many other places. He found something that I had forgotten about and maybe, if under the Singapore Law, I might get some canning.

 Behind that banner, he found our signature. Are you able to spot it?

Sam and I are proud of them and few other Singaporean Bikers that set off on trips that they ever dream about; achieving their fire in the heart for so many years. Good job!

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