Saturday, June 13, 2015

A night with Tanglin Secondary School

20150611, we went to attend Tanglin's night of performing arts. For a moment I thought, how much did the school pay for these performers? They are simply professional. National day Parade standards! I envy the performers that they are able to smile when they perform, because when I was in the military band of Tanglin, the mouth piece is always sticking on my mouth.

I joined the band because Mr Lee, then the principal, told us that there will be a very beautiful music room and can play under the nice weather. My friends told me that band always got alot of practice and can skip class for practice. Being a 13 years old, I am lured to it.

Practice and practice and practice... Actually I don't know practice for what!  The only chance is to wear nice uniform and perform during speech day,now known as the archiver's day. I remembered performing at the old Queenstown 'ta zhong' shopping, at the hdb void deck, at a fun fair in a open space in clementi. What is more exciting is the Singapore youth festival in secondary 2 and national day Parade in the national stadium in sec 4. This is the only motivation. Seldom, I hear cries and applause of being 'needed' as a group performer.

I love attending band practice because I can meet friends for non academic activities. Also I can be close to my puppy love... Heee.... It also taught me team work and responsibilities.

What I witnessed yesterday was a mind crash. It was absolutely entertaining. No wonder Tanglin has built a number of professional performers, now in TCS. They are able to express their talent. This is somehow what academic cannot the numbers of applause? You know what I mean if you are a performer.

End of this big show, something really touched my heart is when different group of performing arts presented their certificate of achievement from the National standard to the principal. What they have achieved, they give it to the principal. I feel so proud at that point and must say that the principal also felt honored for what her students did, for the school, Tanglin secondary school.

We also got a chance to meet ex teachers. Remembered Mr Singh? Come on, only one Mr Singh. Teaching lower secondary. I took his literature class (boring)  and didn't really pass the subject. At that time, he had a big turban and big beard. Yesterday, he had the same. We chatted a little and I have to guess his age. Actually, he looked the same with hi turban and beard and the sturn look with the perfect English accent. Literature is one of the lesson that I will find way to smoke out and avoid eye contact when he asked questions. He is now 78 and super fit.

I saw Mr Goh, teaching me physics. His famous quote is :eany questions?! (with an accent). Slim and fair with high forehead, still looking fit.

Mr See It Kee was my form teacher. To many of us, he was a steady person. I met him a few times in private functions and he is enjoying his retirement with the grand children.

Miss Leong, Mr Chan (don't have to mention his nick name), Mr Tan Puay Eng is still serving Tanglin. They are the ones that really go all the way and we must go back and say thank you to them.

Tanglin... It remains... The school grey is always on my heart, where I grew up with and had a great time in my life.

From the above, you will know how much I scored for my GCE O'Levels.

Don't say Bo jio for that night... Next year must come ahh!

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