Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It's all about Teddy going Japan

Teddy loves photo opportunity.
But she has PPE (personal protective equipment). She is afraid of water and dust. water will make her shrink.

Her PPE is this ziplock bag and she insisted to be weighed with the luggage and boasting on how light she is to travel with.

Teddy wants to be hanging with other toys and says: look, I attract more attention than the locals.

Teddy wants a photo opportunity. She has not seen a Japanese deer in Nara. At the same time, she is afraid that the dear will bite her off.

Teddy says: don't worry. someone will buy food for them. they will not eat grass again.

Nagoya castle with Teddy. shhhhh, Teddy did not tell you that inside the castle there is a lift and it is like a modern building.

Teddy loves being in the photo. She wants to boast to her friend that she has been here and there. after the photo, she immediately goes back into the ziplock bag, afraid of getting dirty and insisted to be inside our bag. she is afraid that we lost her.

Teddy wants to take photo with the group of students that are visiting Daikaku-ji Temple in Kyoto, but shy. too many of them as it was a Saturday morning.

At least, she can take pictures with little animals of the same size.

Teddy tells me: its clean here. Although there is not much rubbish bin, but the people don't litter.

but you see, Teddy is afraid of dirt. that is why she is sitting on a piece of paper.

At Tenryu-ji Temple, the garden is worth a 30 minutes walk. Teddy sits on this pole for a photo shoot but falls because of the wind. it took quite an effort for us to take this photo.

Gravels can represent waves.

Instead of saying 'cheese', now we say: 'Asahi'!

Teddy wanted to try the free beer after visiting the Asahi beer factory at Suita, very near Osaka. Reservation needed for being polite. She didn't want to listen to the beer making procedure and the history because camera was not allowed. She only wants to tell her friend that she has been here, did it and tick on her check list.

Maybe glass is too small and she can't reach the beer.

At last she found a Japanese friend of the same size. Japanese Whiskey is world famous.

So Teddy, where have you been?

I bet she can't answer. She just love being in the pictures.

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