Thursday, August 8, 2013

National Day Parade 2013 ticket

I was sitting at a coffeeshop last night, sitting with an elderly couple. They were smoking and watching the news. i had my drink. the old lady suddenly said in Hokkien:

'this guy is useless. the vote for him is kelong. useless chap. do nothing. all belongs to one family'.

i was curious and turned my head to the TV and i asked her:

'are you referring to the President or the Prime Minister?'

In a way, it was funny that even a 85 years old lady said that, in a way, disappointed. Our President needs to be loved by the citizen, not by force but by heart.

Interesting picture to share, not relating to the story. This is a good rest place for me during lunch. Cool, quiet and peaceful. I always come here.

The conversation continues with other topics. She is a great grandmother, having 14 grandchildren and 5 great grand children. 85 this year sharing me the secret of long life:

'is the food you eat. I don't eat chicken, duck, mutton, beef. Rice contain sugar and i only eat a little of that. Take lots of vegetable and I don't consume alcohol.'

She was smoking a cigarette while talking to me, I made a guess about her age at 68-72.

Interesting picture to share, not relating to the story. It is a bird with one leg. I saw this bird limping around, just like any other birds in Singapore, they hang around the food places, pecking onto left over food. But this bird has some disability, with only one leg and this bird is still working to look for food, even working harder than the rest of the other birds. It did not come to me to beg for food, it did not come to me and show me the broken leg, it does the same job as the rest of the other birds.

She shared with me the days living at the 'Fire City', which is around Kallang when she was born and the days during Japanese occupation. As a young lady, she remembered the Japanese were very fierce. her brother was working for the Japanese as a store person so that the family had rice and flour to eat.

During the British times, the days were much easier.

Interesting picture to share, not relating to the story.

Then the topic turns into some transvestite and she mentioned going to Hatyai a few times to watch the transvestite show. The performers were so pretty and after performing, they would undress, remove make up and go around to ask for tips but all the audiences were freak out.

 1st April 2013 marks the end of my National Service for my country, since 9th June 1999. I have been wearing the same uniform, same gear and equipment for the past 14 years. I wanted to continue as volunteer troop for another 5 or 10 years but my request was not replied. It has been almost 4 months and still not of any reply for me to volunteer, so i have to do something about these bulky items that is taking up 5% of my house space.

Every Male Singaporean that holds the SBO only assembled once and never took it apart. I had hard feeling this day when i have to take it apart and never use it again.

I have to throw away the items inside this nicely packed standard item.

In fact, I didn't use the mess tin during the NS days but the mess mug. This tiny mess mug had served me and my comrades for the past 14 years. It provides the motivation when we are low. We shared one spoonful of meal each time I cook. The taste of it is hard to forget when we were out there, wet, cold, waiting for something to happen.

I tried cooking it with the same ingredient at home for Samantha to try but the taste is just not the same. Maybe is the mixture of our saliva?

Since I was not invited to be in the volunteer troop to serve the nation in Military, I found another channel to serve the nation.

Performers at a National day celebration.

Lets forget about all these politics, Nation come first.

Don't ask what they have done for us; ask what have we done to our country, ask what have we done to love our country.

I have a picture to share with you, taken in August 2008, Bolivia, where we set the first record in Singapore history.

Happy National Day Singapore and Singaporeans!

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