Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Best Bak Kut Teh in Malaysia

It is just a ride. 3 friends talked at a coffeeshop and we settled for a fix date and requirement. 
My requirement: not to spend more than S$100 for the 2 days ride. 
Michael's: Go riding and off road, maybe durian at Tangkak? 
Leong: just go!

Any hint what animal left this?

We wanted to explore the offroad in Endau Rompin. For what I remembered, i joined a tour on 4x4 about 10 over years ago and they used the most hard way to enter Endau Rompin National Park, by Kahang entrance. The road was very natural from my memory. We had to get off the vehicle and walk across bridges made of tree trunk, clear fallen trees and pass by a native village before reaching the park. There are 3 entrance to this park and Kahang is the most hardcore one.

Picture taken over 10 years ago.

Photo credit to Patrick Ho and Cheryl Peh.

ok, since we are talking about the best Bak Kut Teh, this is how it looked like. very laid back restaurant and economical price, compared to the other famous Bak Kut Teh. 

Photo credit to Patrick Ho and Cheryl Peh.

But if you ask any Malaysian Chinese about where is the famous Bak Kut Teh, they would tell you that the one in their home town is the most famous one. So, don't meet your friend by telling them: meet at the very famous Bak Kut Teh shop, you will end up having the meal alone.

Other than Bak Kut Teh, we almost tasted the world largest animal waste.

Photo credit to Patrick Ho and Cheryl Peh.

The road to Mersing was usual. Nice curve and not much traffic on a Saturday morning. Hope 2.0 is behaving well on the corners, it is just me, not having the correct eye line on the curves.

Photo credit to Patrick Ho and Cheryl Peh.

I insisted on staying in a budget place. The fun part was splitting up in team to look for lodging and back for meeting. In Malaysia towns, when you ask the local if there are any hotels around, they will tell you:


that means a lot.

next important question: Got bike parking?


that means sure have, a lot.

the budget hotel are usually fixed into one of the shop houses in a row, that can share with Prata shop, Massage parlor, hardware shop, small office and the hotel will usually located at the end of the row of the shops. There are really lots of hotel for a night.

So parking for bike? by the road side.

Photo credit to Patrick Ho and Cheryl Peh.


that means: security guard on duty in the night.

I tried to talked to the owner by pushing the bike into the lobby only in the night but was slammed on the face.

Even if we can park the bike in the lobby, i wonder how are we going to tackle the typical kerb, or rather a big step of more than 30cm height. Just a guess, the big step of 30cm is to prevent car or bike from driving into the shop directly, smash the glass, rob and run.

Photo credit to Patrick Ho and Cheryl Peh.

Things to do before we leave our bike for more than 20 meters.

Photo credit to Patrick Ho and Cheryl Peh.

Once bitten, twice shy. Making sure Hope 2.0 is holding hand with another friend.

Photo credit to Patrick Ho and Cheryl Peh.

We were like watching the Dakar Race when Michael rode in front of us.

You may click on the map.

Riding the track reminded me of Bolivia and South America, less the heavy luggage that Hope Too had. Sam and I love the new version Hope 2.0 that was performing well on the trail road.

We didn't have proper plan. Before each of us enjoy the ride by going at own speed, my last word to each other was to stop at 530pm and make U-turn out to the main road.

Photo credit to Patrick Ho and Cheryl Peh.

Cheryl's cockpit view.

Tiger and his partner were very brave. It was kind of Tiger's first off road trip. It was his girlfriend's first motorbike trip and we really went dirty and tired with them.

Photo credit to Patrick Ho and Cheryl Peh.

It reminded me of my very first motorbike lesson at bukit batok driving center, learning half clutch to hit the tire.

Any hint of what animal with such a big foot print? this guy walked onto the road, poo-ed and pee-ed at the same time, then walk back into the vegetation.

Patrick and Roy joined us on the Sunday morning, meeting us at where we slept. 

Photo credit to Patrick Ho and Cheryl Peh.

We had the same Bak Kut Teh at the same shop, at the same time of the day, but with Patrick and Roy, since the ride topic was Bak Kut Teh. They could be disappointed if we had lunch at a prata shop. 

Photo credit to Patrick Ho and Cheryl Peh.

What made me wanted to go back was the people in the shop, very sincere and made me feel like one of them. They don't look at us as if we are from 3rd world country. They don't bill us as if like in 1st world country. They just do their job in their way.

Photo credit to Patrick Ho and Cheryl Peh.

From the play we had with the sparks, I realize that we have to bring our own good practice from our home when we visit other country. Did you notice some of fellow country man goes to another country just to do things that he/she cannot do back at their home? Maybe, like, something like, not obey the rules of home country and want to break such rules at other country.

Photo credit to Patrick Ho and Cheryl Peh.

Maybe like... littering?

What was most disappointing for me personally was the feel I had 10 years ago was gone.

After 30km of dirt road going thro the oil plantation, perfect tar road was built for the next 20km to the end of the road at the park entrance. Concrete bridges had replaced the tree trunk. 

In a way, it benefited the native that is staying in this area. I counted that there are less than 8 families staying along this new road. this 20km of new tarmac was upgraded for them or for better tourism?

I wanted to bring the fun with the group which I had 10 years ago with Uncle Woo, Choy, Yang, Lawrence and Teo. To experience pushing the bike over the bridge, riding the natural road and enjoy the shade of the tree. But the fun is now only memory, that i have to look ahead. We have to really appreciate what we have around, not to think that it will always be there waiting for us. Even a road and  bridge will not wait for us.

Lucky Singaporedream team, we had great friends with us, enjoying the moment. 

Having the last piece of toilet paper in the hand, that is where the test comes when your friend is asking for help in the next cubical. Will you share the last piece with him?

Photo credit to Patrick Ho and Cheryl Peh.

Yes, thank you friends. Glad to have you in our life.

Photo credit to Patrick Ho and Cheryl Peh.

In the end, Sam and I exploded our pocket by spending $60 more than what we budgeted. 


RaTz said...

Thanks for sharing, Mr Goh. Great stories, pics, food and riding kakis. What else can one ask for ;-)

Anonymous said...

the animal was an elephant!

Anonymous said...

Is that a new BMW GS?

singaporedream said...

Hi, yes, it was an elephant.

Maybe, just one elephant.

New BMW GS? Anonymous, it is a new GS. do you often follow our blog?