Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pictures from my phone.

Just some pictures stored in my phone.

 Found this retro foot massage machine during spring cleaning.

Is this an animal?

Beautiful Jade Vine.

From the museum...

 Trying to protect myself from bee attack during work. He said: lets see how it works.

Which part of Singapore?

Today we went for a short ride...

 Morning fisherman trading.

 interesting trees and nature.

Any subtitles?

We didn't let teddy know that we went on a short trip. She is still happily at home.

Picture taken from work. This is a portion of a palm tree which I am still removing. The cuts were not that good. Can you guess the height of this palm tree?

I saw this Malaysia vehicle in Singapore doing business in Clementi Carpark.

I wonder if it needs a hawker license. by the way, caravan or camper vans are not allowed in Singapore.


David Drouin said...

I love the pictures of the fisherman and the one of Singapore at night.

Where were those taken? I would love to visit.

singaporedream said...

Hi David, hows riding in Canada?

The fisherman pictures were taken at Kukup, Johor, Malaysia.

Carl said...

Hi. I enjoy your blog & travels.

I would very much like to re-establish contact with Michael/Sonya Fong. I knew them from my time in Singapore.

If you wouldn't mind, please fwd them my add:
hachi05 at gmail dot com

Thanks & regards.