Monday, May 13, 2013

My Friend...

i use to work in that place. i have a good colleague that is a good silence worker and do not gossip about anyone else. Ming, comes from Johor of Malaysia, would ride his motorbike from home to join the heavy congestion in the custom to come for singapore to work for less than S$1800 a month, if i'm not wrong about his pay. his job is to do odd job in the nursery/garden that sell plants to do upgrading works. When ever i go to that place to buy plants, he would say hello and continue his work. his hello is sincere. after a hard day's work, he would ride his motorbike to join the busy queue in the custom, to go back home. by the time he reaches home, it would be about 8pm. next day, he got to wake up at 6am. just to work. he passed away recently, falling off from work. i went to his funeral in Johor, Malaysia. I met his 2 children, in their teenage years. Ming is about 40 years old. although he is just an odd job laborer, to me, he is a good employee, responsible worker, good husband and a good father. he contributed greatly to the society. Why? he raised 2 kids that is filial and responsible. The 2 kids impressed me. They are the future of the society. I don't see such kids in Singapore. just a bridge away, they are so mature and understanding. if i compare myself when i was their age, i am just a little boy. Ming: you did a great job and has not let everyone down. You are a great man in my heart. Go... go to the place you wish to go because u have already accomplished what u need to do in this living world.

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