Monday, March 5, 2012

Storm Riders Singapore

3rd March 2012, Storm Riders Singapore held their Annual General Meeting at Gunung Ledang, Malaysia. We were hesitated to go due to the work commitment and the condition of Hope Too. Sam and I seldom join organized group for riding. In the end, we give it a try. The only contact we have with Storm Riders is Steve Chia.

Meeting time was very easy. we could sleep till our normal hours and wake up. We found out that the packing procudure was tedious. packing for a 2 days trip is almost the same as for 2 weeks trip.

There were marshall briefing before setting off and they reminded us not to speed because there is a police road block within few kilometers.

The convoy of about 50 went slow and reached the police road block. Everyone went smoothly and the police put out his hands and fingers, pointing at me! Hope Too can't travel more than 110km/hr (the Malaysian highway speed limit) and I was thinking, why me? Hope Too was the only bike that got stopped out of the 50.

3 policemen came over and spoke to me in a warning tone:


I pointed out at the 'spare' numbers I had at the front fork. The policeman says it's not acceptable. The camera can't capture the image.


he looked furious.

Situation control:

1) has to give him lots of respect because he is the authority and we are in his country.
2) identify and admit the problem with sincerity.
3) provide solution for him.
4) be friendly.

Because i just changed Hope Too's front windscreen, i forgot to fix the metal number plate and luckily it is in the box. I took it out and fix it.

While fixing, they scanned my bike and seeing some signatures.

He pointed out one of them and asked who is this and I replied: that is my president, my president of Singapore's signature. you don't know him?

He walked away.

After fixing the number on the bike, they didn't seemed to bother talking to me anymore. So we rode off.

The rest of the convoy rode at their normal speed but Hope Too was coughing and sweating if he is going above 100km/hr. So we were the last bike to reach the next meet up lunch point, Pagoh.

When we reached Pagoh, the hardworking marshall were waiting for us at the point of entry under the hot sun. they were very patient.

While we were having lunch, someone tried to break the car door of one of the member's. it was noon time, bright daylight, the police beat is just about 10 meters away and yet, it happened. The Northsouth Highway's R&R is a dangerous place. that is where our Hope was lost before the trip. it's actually risky to park the vehicle and walk up to the eatery with out able to view at your own vehicle.

the ride continues to Tangkat exit where we regroup and ride into the resort with local police escort. The traffic police of Malaysia stopped every vehicle that is coming into our way and made them stop aside. We may have caused a little congestion in the town. Hope Too told me that he overheard other vehicles that were being stopped complained about us. I wonder if the Malaysian bikers were to come to Singapore and we can organize our traffic police is able to do the same.

Gunung Ledang is the highest mountain in Johor State.

The trees here are massive, hugh, straight and stout!

One tree can support many life form. If we cut or remove a tree, it is the same as demolishing the house of many friends out there.

can u see the leech?

We met many old and new friends on this short trip. Some of them were facebook friends that we have not met before. Some were veteran bikers that had venture South East Asia when I was still learning how to ride a bicycle. Mr Loh was telling me of his epic journey in 1985 where he rode to Golden Triangle, Thailand. Also, Anthony, that we met via facebook. I was so glad to see Our Motorcycle Diaries sticker on his bike.

good camera to spot the adam's apple on the performing ladies.

Previous president of Storm Rider did a good job. He sung 'My Way', it's a simple song but heavy lyrics.

Bikes, friends, beer and sexy ladies always made a good combination.

and we started with one beer,

Singha beer complimentary from Mr Loh.

continued with some beers.

ended up with .....


Next day, we went to Malacca for a cold desert..

It is actually our 6th year wedding anniversary trip.

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