Sunday, March 11, 2012

Are you riding or driving into Singapore?

'But I was surprised a modern country did not have all the facilities for filling out forms at the border,' he said.

Swiss adventurer, 39, messed up his paperwork and was stuck at Woodlands Checkpoint for several hours. Mr Baumann did not have two documents needed to bring his Swiss-registered car in.

One was an International Circulation Permit (ICP) from the Automobile Association Of Singapore (AAS).

The other problem was his car insurance. He was told that he had to get insurance from a local company.

How to drive into Singapore? what are the rules and red tape and documents?

But why Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS) is the issuing authority? It should be LTA or the Customs. because AAS is an official association in Singapore in the AIT/FIA Customs Documents Network.

Armoured vehicles, camper vans, caravan trailers and mini buses with cooking and sleeping facilities are NOT allowed into Singapore.

1) get your documents ready.

2) park you vehicle in malaysia and walk or take other local transport to:

Automobile Association of Singapore at River Valley road, to purchase an


don't forget to purchase

Autopass and insurance coverage.

3) go back to malaysia and drive your vehicle in and with the carnet, vehicle registration card/book, valid insurance for singapore, autopass, International circulation permit and all papers.... drive in, pay, pay, pay, pay and stamp, stamp, stamp and wait, wait, wait and repeat this cycle for a few times and...

welcome to Singapore!

so, you see, we do not meet much travellers around the world in Singapore.

But there is a motorcyclist name Yarat, he came in and went to a busy street in Singapore, park his bike there and show everyone his bike and his trip. well, he got some money from Singaporeans for goodwill and well wish. where all these money goes? i guess Yarat need to invest in paying the customs, Automobile association of Singapore, Insurance company, cash card, just to ride into Singapore for us to see and for him to experience. So, the maths equation is, we pay the authority to let him in.

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