Sunday, May 8, 2011

General Election 2011 Winner Conspiracy.

60% voted for the ruling party and they got 93% parliamentary seats.

Friends from other countries, can you help to give us some comments?

here's a short story to share:

I didn't write this, it was sent to me via email with no author's credit, but it is a good read that even a child would understand:

A man has a happy family with 2 kids and a wife. The family is not rich but they are happy. They stay in a modest but comfortable HDB 4-room flat.

One day, the man decided to rent a room to a colleague because his colleague was a trust-worthy high quality foreigner, also known as Foreign Talent. His colleague pays him $500/mth. Suddenly he is richer by $500 every mth. He was so happy. Of the extra $500/mth, he decides to treat his children and wife to a trip to the zoo at the end of the year. The rest of the $$ he keeps for himself.

Now, as his greed grows, he decides to rent the 2nd room to another foreigner, this time the foreigner is just a cleaner but he does not mind as long as he can have more rental!.

His children start to suffer becos now they have to squeeze into their parent's bedroom. They have to wait to use the bathroom in the morning and the whole flat is crowded with 2 extra persons living inside.

Their father gets an extra $1000 / mth while they have to suffer and get only the trip to the zoo, poor kids.

Their mother tries to engage in a debate with the father but eventually had to agree with the father, fearing that her spouse would boot her out. The father would not tolerate different views and told his wife that if she did not agree with him, she could leave. He could do it himself, he said one party is better, so that he could continue earning more $$$.

The father starts to get even greedier. He starts to rent the flat out to even more foreigners, of unknown and poor background, but his Gross Domestic Profit grows. His children voice their grievances, pointing out that the whole house was very crowded and the situation was affecting their lives. They say "father, so many strangers, we don't feel that this is our home anymore." But the father turns a blind eye and deaf ear to their misery.

As the rental balloons, he declares himself a huge bonus and goes to celebrate with his group of like-minded friends. All are now loaded with the extra $$ gained, all neglecting their poor children, and all asking their wives to shut up.

In the end...?

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