Friday, May 27, 2011

exciting riding plans


It has been an exciting year. What are we going to do next? I believe many are still looking at us on our next move.
Today, Sam and I were riding our bike and a driver took his passenger's attention to us. I saw them, made eye contact and they waved at me. Of course i did waved back.

I think if I were to beat the traffic light by covering the registration plate is useless.

Anyway, Sam and I have a plan. A change for the next 1 year.

Let you guys know more about it when it is confirmed!

For those that just knew us, if you want to look at our trips posting, scroll down on the right side of this page there are dates that you can click on.

Our round the world trip is from January 2008 to August 2010.

For those that googled: free sex in Singapore, Nicole Seah boyfriend, or Nicole Seah Nude Pictures, I am very sorry about it. I can't provide more information.

Have fun!


Amzah said...

Hi! Goh and Sam,
I have been following your RTW trip quite regularly. Of course you cannot remember me as I only once awhile buzz in during your previous trip. Anyway, Im a rider myself like you but have not exactly ride the world like you. After all those things that we have done, Im thinking of riding a bicycle for a huge change. What you say?



singaporedream said...

hi hi! we promise to have a teh terik right? it would be good to ride a bicycle. will see and experience more things! less problem on mechnical break downs, finding gas stations, shipping, carnets... im now in Kota Barhu. heading to cherating tomorrow. then to jerantut, then to cameron highland via gua musang, then to alor star, then back south to singapore. any where we can meet? can sms me at 0129943403.


Anonymous said...

Hi Goh,

It's Norman. We met at Simon and Lisa's presentation the other night. Great articles you have here! Do write or add me on FB. Can't seem to locate you there (FB)

I am at: norman.rahman(at)

Cheers buddy!

Amzah said...

Ya lah! Teh tarik is a must. Very fortunate we met last weekend in KL, where Mike and Lisa did their presentation. But we dont have quiet time for ourself. So, I am thinking of going down to Singapore soon. Will keep you posted about it. If you need to contact me this is my handy nos +60192854736.


singaporedream said...

thank you guys! im back in singapore!