Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Red wood park, Giant Trees!

we would like to thank:

Hii Chun Hui (Singapore) and Tuc Huynh (San Jose, USA) for sponsoring the 2 nights stay in a motel at Cresent City.

Thank you, it was raining for that 2 nights and it would be too cold to camp.

Setting off from Harbin Springs, we went north again. i would not want to miss seeing the big trees on this earth. Winter in USA is very busy because there is only 10 hours of sunlight. We have to wake up early (not an easy task for me) and pack quickly else we will end up riding in the dark.

It's so amazing that these trees had been standing there for so many years and the good thing is they conserve it. imagine this place was managed by some business orientated people, they will cut off these trees and sell it, then make this place into some other profitable business property.
Sonia told us that this is the place where Hollywood filmed Starwars and Jurrusic Park.


see the path to the opposite land? we must wait for low tide else ...

one of the nut was stucked on the disc brake and it was rounded. just couldn't take it out with normal spanner. this guy did a great job and he only charge me for US$10 which he think that it is a small job but to us, it is a great relief!

Bad news is another part broke. What to do, Hope Too has osteoporosis. Gonna leave it till we get home.

The drive thro tree!


Marisol said...

What a beautiful place!!!
Those trees are really amazing.
We'll be waiting for more pics!
Big kisses!!

Tuc said...

Nice pictures with those giant trees especially the one you drove thru.

I got to go get me one of those picture.

Ride on my friend. Can't wait for more.