Saturday, December 12, 2009

Highway 1, confusion hill, where is gravity?

We would like to thank Tom Tran, Arnold Posadas, Cong Trinh, Tuc Huynh and Paul Wetmore of San Jose, USA, especially Tuc Huynh for organizing.

Thank you!

In most other countries, diesel is often the black colored handle and unleaded fuel is the green colored handle. be very careful in USA where it it the opposite. i nearly fed Hope Too with diesel.

The Highway 1, costal route of north Califonia.

Enjoying the morning breeze and the sunshine.

It is not uncommon to see these friends along the road, trying to get to the other side where the grasses are better.

Highway 1 of Califonia.

A tree house.

Big foot were most common spotted in this area. the above is just a model of big foot.

This is a grandfather tree.

can u see the sea lions lying around?

log house... we did not enter because there was an entrance fee to it but taking picture is free!

the most intresting place we went to is this confusion hill.

look at the above picture, we are stepping on the same level, witnessed by the red water level, both slabs were at equal height.

when we change over, it seems that who ever standing on the right slab will be taller. why? both slabs are levelled.

Another part of the confusion hill, where micheal jackson can do the moonwalk, so can i.

Sam can do it too!

during our USA and Canada trip, we get to be intrested in the Smokey Bear.

To us, thou Smokey is just a cartoon but it helps to educate everyone about fire.

the world tallest chainsaw curving. it's outside confusion hill.

After being satisfied with the big red woods, we went back to Thor's place for a night. Next morning, we set off to the south, towards Los Angeles but we can take about 5 days to reach LA which is about 400miles (640km). our first stop away from Thor's place in San Francisco is San Jose, where we visited the NASA musuem and just hang around. We got to meet Tuc.

Tuc known us from a motorcycle forum and read our blog. We have not seen him before but we recived an email from him that if we are passing by San Jose, please give him a call.

We met up with Tuc in the evening and we followed his car to a Vietnamese restaurant. We were with Tom Tran , Arnold Posadas, Cong Trinh, Tuc Huynh and Pual Wetmore (not in the picture).
Tuc and Cong were bikers too. They were all colleagues. Arnold is from Phillipines and Paul is from USA. The rest of the three were from Vietnam. Over the dinner, Tuc told us story about his childhood where he had to flee out of Vietnam by boat and how they were adopted by international groups. Cong was only 1 year old when his parent flee out of Vietnam. It was a terrible truth and a sad story. After hearing this, Sam and I felt very lucky to be born in other parts of the world.

This is the first time where we had dinner with everyone using chopsticks. Friends at home (asia) may think that it is so common but to us, we had not have dinner with 'chopsticks' people for a long time!

After dinner, Tuc arranged us to stay in a motel (a very good one) and paid for it! We also went to a local coffeeshop. the coffeeshop is like a pub, with music and karaoke, with games machine and sexy waiteress. over there, we had coffee and have a nice chat. This kind of coffeeshop trend was brought over from Vietnam. Since there were a hugh number of Vietnamese community here (demand), then there would be a coffeeshop here (supply).

We do not known them well and they just invited us for dinner and paid for everything.

crippled or handicapped birds?

Along the costal route to Los Angeles.

It would be nicer without the fog from the Pacific Ocean.

It is common to see vegetable farms along the route between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Riding thro, we could smell the fresh vegetables. We saw them harvesting the product. Who are the workers that do all these hard labour? Without the Mexican migrants, the vegetable we ate in USA will be more expensive!

NASA center in San Jose is free of charge. we get a chance to be 'on the moon'.

The 'chopsticks' people!


Yi Lin said...

Hi Goh & Sam, glad that you are meeting such great and supportive ppl in California. We have some free time in San Francisco and around before we fly home - your blog has given us some ideas on how to spend our time, without spending too much $$. I think we would like to see the redwood trees, confusion hill, the Nasa Centre and the, ahem, interesting hot springs. Enjoy your time in Australia!

Thomas & Andrea said...

Hi friends,
it is good to know there are still very nice people along the road!!!
I thank the chopstick people for the hospitality for my friends.
A big thump up from Switzerland !!!
Thomas & Andrea

Vigor said...

Hi..Accidentally bump into your blog post. Really admire you guys and love your post.