Monday, February 2, 2009

we were ask to leave the hostel thou we have paid for the week

our chinese new year dinner
we got a free ride from someone that i asked direction from.

This is Anke.

xiao xiong enjoying her suntan by the pool.

can u see that she is enjoying?

her brother is an advertisment star in chile!

Anke with her full luggage. i had problem carrying them.

german pie!!

one of the owner setting up 'barrier' for their own group dinner. this is the first time in my life i saw such selfish act. what to do, he is the management and we are staying at his ground. swollow it!

in such a big city like Santiago, its really hard to find a cheap and good lodging, for us and Hope Too. La Casa Roja is the cheapest choice.

here is some feedback on this hostel:

1st day, we rode about 8 hrs to Santiago. it was about 530pm when we reach the Hostel after the bike heated up due to the jam.

we were glad that the hostel had 2 dorm bed for us. we had a travel guide book and it advise: BOOK IN ADVANCE.

we were not allowed to park hope too inside the hostel, thus, we have to park at the paid public garage (quite safe, 2000p/24hrs) and unpack ALL our lugguage and bring it into the hostel. If you know Hope Too, he is carring alot of lugguages. we do not want any of the lugguages to be lost so i have to carry it fast to the door step while Sam is looking after it. While excuting such quick movement after a hard day's ride, I saw a couple talking to Sam (while Sam is looking after all the belongings). i think i pissed off this guy (lets give him a name: Nipple) because i was throwing all the stuff to Sam and i didnt give a shit about what is he (Nipple) is talking about. Cut long story again, Nipple told Sam he also traveled somewhere from south america to alaska on motorbike a few years back. I told myself: bikers don't behave like that. if he is a true bike traveler and been through it, he should have offer help.

still at day 1, no, 1st night:

the hostel often organize mass cooking. just pay and they cook. we didnt paticipate because it is out of our budget. the beer there is so cheap: S$2.3 per bottle of 1000ml. in the night (2am-3am) they are so drunk and walking along the corridor and made alot of noise by shouting and screaming, PARTYING all night. it was certainly no sense of consideration. we are there for important business. the next morning 7am i have to wake up and visit 5 embassies. I was pissed.

few days later:

they organized another mass cooking. we didnt participate due to the same reason. everybody (guest and management) was using a common kitchen. one of the management (i think this hostel is shared and owned by a few aussies.) put a barrier accross the kitchen, it is like giving a sign of: IM DOING A BIG BUSINESS, I OWN THIS AREA, DON'T COME IN, YOU OTHERS THAT DID NOT PARTICIPATE SHALL USE OTHER SIDE OF THE KITCHEN. i'm pissed. we don't feel welcomed.

we observed: people that come to this hostel seldem leave the hostel door. they came here to meet people of the opposite sex.

in the day, they (the guest) wake up at 11am, shower, slack around, have lunch, drink a beer, read a thick book by the pool with their swimming suit. many try to impress others by bring the book around... 'oh, you are reading this book, its so cool!' then in the night they will be drunk in the hostel till morning. when they wake up, they asked each other, hey how's last night? i over heard some guys saying: tonight im going to get drunk like fuck!!! they behave like baberians. lets look back: these people dont speak spanish: they work for 2 years, save hard and spend all their saving for the past 2 year's work on this 1-2 months 'traveling', partying in another country. they take bus (im not against taking bus) from 1 city to the other (500km away), they buy round the world ticket (to be used 5 times not in the same direction) and when they go back to their normal life, they tell their friends: 'i have been around the world', 'i have been to santiago', put their pictures on facebook.

they are doing the same thing here in santiago, like what they did at home! going to pub crawl on mondays, cooking and reading a book under the sun. im sorry, complaining on my own blog. we didnt really enjoy staying in such a big city, its because we need to do up our paperwork, repair our tent and buy bike equipment. the management, not Chilieans, i think they are aussies, don't talk to us. maybe they are sick talking to people living here, maybe they don't like asians, maybe i pissed them off someway... my sense told me that they are the most arrogant owner i met but i still have to stay there. everyday we kept humble and low profile, waiting for our passport to be delivered here.
one day we went to the pool side for dinner, Nipple was siting there with a pretty lady. he suddenly talk to me:
Nipple: Hey, did u say that u are going to ride to alaska?
Goh: (happily replied because he though nipple is going to start chatting with me) Yes.
Nipple: (stops talking immediately to goh and turn this face to the pretty lady). yes! they are doing what i did before! (then nipple continues talking to the pretty lady)
Goh: (........feeling like an idiot replying to him......)
Nipple has a dog. its a cute big dog. it has also facebook. everyone (worker and staff) in the hostel cuddles him. this dog barked at me on the first day when we were busy moving the lugguage in. i dont blame the dog, it doesnt have any sense. a few times at the dining area, this dog came to us, hoping to get some food off our plates. we gave it to him. the final trigger was last night, we were cooking our salmon, he came and i gave him a generous portion. he didnt want to eat after sniffing it. i used my flip flop to slap at his face. the dog just went 'nggnggg..ngg...' and ran away. the guy next table (i assume its one of the aussies management), asked me why i slapped the dog. i told him i dont like the dog.
aussie: do you think you have the right to slap the dog? you better watch what the fuck you are doing, u want some fuck and sleep outside at the fucking street?
my reply: ok, you are the boss, what ever you say is right. you want to kick me out, i have to go out.
at this case, i was the bad guy. i do this to my farm dog. when ever i slap my farm dog he will not run away but still face me hoping i would give him more. i guess a dog's beheavior reflects on the owners'.
after this aussie go away, a lady came to me and say i have to leave tomorrow. she mention something like this dog is sooooo important to this hostel. well, i took back my money on the next day and got to another hostel, which is more expensive but much less noisy.
well, i might be in the wrong. it's different culture when u see this case: for me, i slap my dog if he did something wrong. for 'these' people, they don't have children (at that age) and they treat their dog like their children. i see them as loser. not someone that is retiring off from life. many of these aussie management there are single, staying in santiago for long time, did not have a proper family, drinking and treating the hostel as their castle. living standards in santiago is much cheaper that their own country, so they choose to hide there. if these aussies are so great, they should go back to their country and live and stay there! this is what i notice some 'foreigns' living and working in singapore, taking the job of us, singaporeans. client will then contract the aussie service rather then the singaporean services because it will give the client some 'fame' like :hey, u know this peter thomas william from XXX country? he designed my garden'.
rather than saying : u know goh mia chun from clementi? he design my garden.

ok... back to that doggy... the thing that im not satisfied is that aussie guy warned me again: after the meal, you better get back to that fucking room and don't come out. if you come out and i see you when i'm drunk, i think i'm going to beat you.
FUCK! who the hell is he? i have to swollow my pride. im here waiting for my passport to be sent here in 2 day's time. now i have to try changing the address with the spanish operator of DHL chile on monday. what to do, it's their home ground. we have been very humble for the past 1 week.
we are not visiting Santiago, we are living+surviving in Santiago.

didn't really meet any new friends in this hostel because many just come here to party. we met Anke after our Hong kong friends left. Anke was alone to santiago, transiting to Pucon. she baked cake for us and shared so many things from us. the first night we saw her, taking the left over rice from the organizer, put some salt and try to eat. we offered her our stuff, filled her with everything we have. we had a good time together. also she is strong! strong in mental and physical. that impressed us!

the doggy thing was a trigger point as we were struggling in that hostel. you can report this matter to SPCA. thats me, like my grandpa, like to slap at dogs that don't behave. i loved dogs but this dog is sick like the owner... weak.... no dignity......


contrarian said...

You might be better off on your travels if you could be less judgmental about others, and less concerned about how you think others see you.

Anonymous said...

Abt hiting de dog, its for the aussie guy to teach, not you. U really have no rights to go ard hiting other people's children. Its for the parents to teach. Internal affair, outsiders stay out.

singaporedream said...

contrarian: its part of the travel, its part of meeting people and its part of how people feel about singaporeans/asian. its also part of feeling during the travel... im not trying to judge them. its the feeling i got from them. i always dont care how others think about me thats why i had my own life. hmm... u think i should write more on what i do everyday? please advise.

singaporedream said...


outsiders? then that should be a house, instead of a hostel.

anonymous: u sounded much like my sisters. do u have a name or do u DARE to put down your name?

heartache said...

I share the same sediments with contrarian here. that is what I am trying to convey to you all the while "less concerned about how you think others see you."

but allow me to add on (my pov) - like you said sharing your experiences. as I had previously mentioned - if you and sam were to pen down on a certain incident, I believe both of you have a different way of expressing (in a vague way to say it is like story teller - 2 teachers telling a same story in a different manner)

heartache said...

allow me to share with you a real incident happened to me and my spouse years back.

back then, we happened to be in a newly opened shopping ctr. As we made our way to the basement via escalator, all the sudden, it come to a stop! on the escalator, there were old pple, kids as well as us. normal instinct, all of us jerked towards the front and one of the old woman nearly fell forward. Thank God someone managed to grab hold of her. what was the cause of the "accident"? It was a kid who played with the red button (just at the side of the escalator) to put the emergency stop! I was so upset and made a comment outloud - dont he has a parents to keepwatch him? Someone heard me! Commentted back : yah, he is my child, and mind you he is only a kid. what does he know? oh man! what a reply I thought! I told the lady off "he may be small but was not taught properly by his parents!"

with my above experience - is this gona say - parents to teach, outsiders stay out?

I really cant imagine if accident were to happen with just this playful thought that little kid has?? parents never bother to scold the kid and turn the table round to tell the outsider off! what impression would the kid have? the kid may think he had done any wrong!

singaporedream said...

heartache: does that happen in singapore? i guess it happen for the new parents now. imagine if it were my parent in the 1980s where they will be much ashame and beat me up on the spot and make apology to the public. is this a new problem/issue in this 21st century about family education?

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS! Where the heck do you get off by spanking someone else's dog.. Choke your own dude! Off course the management will get angry. What do you expect.. a pat on the back? You have been given a great opportunity to travel the world and show people of various countries what singaporeans are made of... and you go abuse someone's pet? You just showed the aussies an ugly singaporean and justified their racist mentality about asians especially singapore. AND DO NOT COMPARE A CHILD TO A DOG!!! Or should i compare you to a monkey trying to ride a tricycle for the Aussies to applude! Please.. you represent the Singapore dream.. to experience cultures, to observe people and to teach people how great asians are. STOP SPANKING AND START ENJOYING!

atsie said...

hey.. thanks for sharing, its kinda interesting :)

Anonymous said...

After reading it, i felt that both of you do have fault. Actually I don't encourage your action of slaping the dog, see dogs have their own behaviour they will also select the food they like. Dogs are also living beings, they too have feeling. To you, you may think that the dog have done somthing wrong, however by not accepting your food (gift) is not consider a mistake.

As for the aussies guy, he behaviour like a gangster and threaten you. He think that when get drank he can take the law in his hand. Ha ha.. the is the most stupid people on earth, as a person gets drank he is more vuluerable of being attack.

Have you ever wonder why those aussies behave this way? Actually there is a reason, their ancestor was criminal from British. After many years they still carry the bad genetics.

So you need not get angry with son of criminal, who is born with bad gen. Because god is kind to you he have give you the best genetics.