Monday, February 16, 2009

no post!

sorry readers. this is my diary.

no post for the past 1 week.

i lost a close relative in Singapore.

im wordless.

update: went to Mendoza after Santiago to look for chain, spockets and rear tires. much expensive on argentina side. ride to Valporiso (chile) and met with some bikers friend and rode back to Santiago to find parts again. bought a rear tire, metzeler tourance for 70000 chile peso (made in brasil) and change it myself. (it cost 15000 chile peso to change a tire by the mechinic).

im waiting for monday to call usa to order a good DID525VM2 X-ring chain (124link) that cost me US$174 with shipping to chile. singapore it cost S$130 for the chain and S$400++ for shipping by DHL from singapore to chile (express services). i also want to buy sprockets.

i ordered from

we are no longer traveling now. we are living day by day at the same time gaining experience.

sorry, i don't feel like blogging now.

i can't do anything when someone that had took care of me when i was very young, treated me like his own son, passed away and i couldn't be there, even he was sick.

its part of the trip. i have to make this decision and prepartion before the trip.

i have to move on.

let me have some time on my own before we update you on our trip.

i really can't get over it.

goh mia chun

santiago, chile.

some interview from argentina:


tiong_kellin said...

Di, I supposed father would want you to stay strong & focused in your pursuit of this RTW trip.

I just want to assure you that he had passed on peacefully. I'm sure that he will continue to bless both both Sam and you.

singaporedream said...


i remembered the times.

i'm sorry that we are not there. thou we seldem met but all of you are always in our heart. all of you had an important place in our heart.

i don't know how to say thanks to all of you.

thanks for reading our blog, we don't feel like sharing our feelings now. its part of our trip that we had to decide when someone important to us had leave the world... what should we do.

life is so short, what can we see in the next 100 years?

are we going to do something meaningful to the society instead of taking care of ourself making sure that we had the luxury of living?

gor, u know me....

andrea said...

hi goh and samantha, we hope you are doing a little better although we know it will take a lot of time, cry when you feel like crying and don`t forget that life is short, that is why you are traveling now and not when you are retired... take care and lots of thoughts from us in san martin de los andes, andrea and thomas