Monday, June 23, 2008


N 46deg 21.675'
E 014deg 04.829'


we have left the expensive country of italy where internet is s$10 per hr. now we crossed an unmanned immigration and now in the ex-yugoslavia country: slovania. many mountains and good roads.
we will only stay here for a day and tomorrow will go austria, see where is the 'sound of music' was filmed and ride the beautiful mountains.
internet in slovania is free and accomadation is almost 30% cheaper than italy. petrol is cheaper than italy which is about S$2.50. most people here speaks english here. would like to come back here again.
update u guys when we reach Austria ok?
goh and sam
btw, now the seat of Hope Too is breaking my balls and my arse. looking for a second hand cobin seat before we go argentina.


vincent said...

Hey guys, all the best to chasing your dream! I did mine last year, not on a bike though. Me and my wife backpack for 8 months! Its the best experience of our life. Now we are back to Singapore slogging the rest of our lives away. Enjoy every single day of your trip. Do check out my blog.

Celine said...

Hey! Celine from NPCB!! Have not been reading your blog for a while after getting the link from Twee Kiang and now you are sooo far away! Where else are you heading to after Slovania and Austria? Hope everything has been fine for u and your wife. All the best and take care!

singaporedream said...

hi vincent. saw ur blog. very great that both of u did ur gap year thro. it will be much easier to go without bikes. do keep a look out on our blog and give us comments ok?

singaporedream said...

celine!!! it was been half a year that u advised me about my lost bike. till now there is no news and this bike is going to break apart soon. we changed our itenery becoz this bike cant take it n the seat is breaking our backside. hows npcb people? i only c u and antony here...

Celine said...

Hi hi.. i didn't advise u about yr bike lar but just to see if my bike-lover friend could help but i also couldn't help much. :( The NPCB ppl so far are doing well. Hey.. any chance u guys are riding to Milan soon? Cos my job now requires me to travel so i'll be in Milan on 4th July to 8th July. in between i'll need to go Barcelona. So if time coincides, you and your wife can save on yr accomodation. :)