Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kathmadu to Istanbul ended.

our 2nd wave of our trip, Kathmadu to Istanbul has ended. we are preparing for our pre 3rd wave trip to south america. the weather in south america is very very tricky. i have to plan our route of advancement properly to avoid extreme snow and cold. heat for us is ok. there will be a lot of planning from today onwards. shipping, time, visa, currency deflation, Hope Too's tyre + wear and tear replacement.

at this point of travel after 6 months, we made a decision to change the seat of Hope Too. everyday we are cursing and swearing about our arses. we could feel the pinch in about 1hr of riding. even we rest for 10-15 minutes, the pain is still there. also for me, it decreases my rate of celebrating father's day in the future. everytime we ride Hope Too, we would fancy of the lost Hope. Hope got the best customised seat from Eugene Saddlery. it took me 1-2 months to complete the making of the perfect seat at Eugene Saddlery. as you can see Hope's seat is wide and two level, the rider's part had a back support and good thigh allowance. it also doesn't squeeze my balls when i do emergency braking. for the pillion, it adds extra cusioning and widening for extra comfort. anyway, my effort is lost, or rather donated to someone in Malaysia without my consent.

Hope Too: for paris dakar race use as such race do not have a chance to sit. its pointed upwards and when i brake, it hurts and the pillion will slide towards me giving me additional pressure, not pleasure! the cusion is hard and it still hurts when i rest in the hostel bed.

dispite of the heavy load, we had issue with making turns at certain speed. this is extremely dangerous! my handlebar wobble greatly when making left corner, not because of inbalance weight distrubution but the front left brake disc was dented!! it was not made known to me when i bought Hope Too from the previous owner. he quoted S$7500 and i did not less or discount one cent! i just enquried him about any fault and he said it this was just changed and that was new. it would be smart not to answer, not to point out any fault or keep quiet and say donno. he still owe me S$10.00 because he bank in my cheque early and there is a service charge from my side. he said he would pay me back the S$10 but it has been half a year. i was the one that paid for the transfer fee blar blar blar.... he said..u can slowly look, im not in a hurry to sell this bike but he know im in a hurry to buy this old buffolo! he told me that the battary was replaced recently but thanks to the battary fault in Pakistan, i would not have met such good people around. also from this incident, this reckless diesel mechnic rode Hope Too without my permission and crushed into another vehicle. hey hey hey, even i ride Hope Too i got problem controling and i didnt get a chance to crush onto other vehicle. the crush causes the front handlebar to bend (but remedied in Pakistan by Sohail of Tipu Road) and cause the windscreen to shatted into pieces. he did not say sorry or try to fix back the windscreen for me. now, Sam and i has to clean our helmet after every half a day's ride because the dead insects were stucked on our visor instead of being blocked by the windscreen. it also affects my control and riding posture.

it was very HONEST of the previous owner to point out this 1 inch crack as every grandfather and grandmother could see with their eyes.

but the this part was covered by the screw. it was darm brittle and it just drop off when we were in Pakistan. someone would claimed that... oh, when i have the bike it was still ok.

im not trying to find fault with anyone. it's just my luck.

we really miss Hope...that was lost in 24 october 2007, Machap, Malaysia.

Hope, STOC, my biking buddies and 4 black cars escoted me during my wedding day to Malaysia to fetch Sam. it was the most handsome and proud day of Hope, the pony, in his life.

day after our wedding, we rode Hope for our Honeymoon at Kuantan.




.first day to meet Hope and we get to know each other. it was in 2005. i bought this last brand new machine in Singapore(perhaps in the world) from Belwin motor. honda stop producing Afrcia Twin. it was the last virgin

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