Tuesday, April 15, 2008


friday, 11 april, we travelled one shot from besham to islamabad. a 260km road took us 8hrs. only stop twice for break. went to get Hope Too's second engine oil and oil filter change. that means i have already travelled 10000km so far. i went to Sohail's workshop for the oil change but he refuse to collect $ from me.

im back at Umer Abbasi's house. his father has 10 children, 8 females and 2 males (umer and amir). the rest of the 8 sister, 6 of them are at home and Sam is happy with them. we are very curious about each other. here, we are extending our visa as the one month validity has ended on 15 april. we were advised to collect our passport only in 7 days time and then we can proceed to iran. meanwhile we will go back to pagwadi, mr Muna;s home for a visit for a few days before coming back to islamabad to collect our passport.

recived a sms from Sam Leong 2 nights ago regarding bomb blast in Iran. well, will take note of it.
also i had cooked my Chicken rice successfully with Sam Leong's assistance. i would need the most important thing now, which is the chilli sauce recipy.


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