Monday, April 7, 2008

End of Karakurum

we reached Sost, the nearest town 2 Khunjarab. the china-pakistan border only operates from 1st may onwards thus there are no vehicle traveling from the border to Sost. therefore, no work done on the highway. Hope Too were not allowed to enter that last stretch due to safety concerned by the officials. we hired a 4WD jeep n we witness that the road is really not cleared. the jeep go into some ice skating ring. very very cold place! it was an isolated border. we were escorted by one of the security force up to the border.

it was a dream since i read micheal peter fong's book ten years ago. i saw their photo and till 2day, it is like a dream. they are one of the motivation to our trip. would like to thank them also!

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