Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Singapore work culture. Why boss?

Today, branch of Angsana tree failed and damage part of a roof. The owner wants the landscape contractor to remove the branch from the roof immediately. I asked the foreign worker how are they going to do it. They say just use ladder and climb on top and use the harness (a very simple waist harness only for construction) to secure at an unknown metal structure. I told them it is impossible as they will sure slip on the tiles of the roof.

So, ask them to go for lunch, rushed to bring my climbing gear and came back. i put on my climbing harness, attach the rope at a good branch above the roof and even all my weight was on the rope, i was also slipping off the tiles on the roof. Can't imagine how they do it if they 'just climb'.

What curious me was: why the branch needs to be removed immediately as it was not endangering anyone. Because it will not look nice?

Because it will reduce complain by the public?

Because it will not be questioned by his boss?

Because his boss will not like it?

Why can't they remove it when the professional roof repairer comes with safety gear and can attach themselves properly to the roof?

Management, owners and government agencies must think twice before making any decision. A hush decision may leads to others injuring themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Harsh not hush or was do you mean rush decision ??