Sunday, March 16, 2014

King Albert Park Mac Donald's new development is...

Certainly, there are good memories about King Albert Park for me.

I think belonged to the X/Y Generation.

There, you could witness the Ang-Mo-Bengs, the Bengs that wanna be, smoking, cursing in English and that would be their hang out place.

Our favorite hangout place after every Wednesday Band Practice in Ngee Ann Poly will consist of a walk to KAP. After I had my bike license, it seems that it is impossible for me to park the bike at the basement carpark, even there are lots for motorbike. Ending up having traffic fine for parking at the pavement.

I ever tried testing their ordering system and managed to break it, once.

Going there for studies seems impossible.

That is also the place where the nearby JC students would go.

Today, seeing many young couples going to take picture. I believe that is the place that they first meet, they date and these couples spend their time together.

They are closing at 1159pm and it is really crowded.

KAP is a place to hang out, bring communication and connection between friends closer. It is an activity place where we would remember.

We could see the happy crowd coming, they bring faces of smile. The frequency is there, not to collect debts but have a happy ending.


This hang out place has been sold $150 million.

we will have nothing for a few years, but looking at the Developer's website, there will be a basement+2 floors of commecial units. that include F&B. 40 restaurants, over 60 shops and a huge basement supermarket.

looking at the proposed plan, the ingress and egress route will be kept.

Also, there will be residences, from 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom.

sorry, I'm not selling anything here.

If you are the owner of this place, will you want to make this decision?

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