Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How i healed and became a Singaporean again

How I healed and become a Singaporean again.

It has been a year when Samantha and I came back from our epic journey of our life time. For the past 2 years and 8 months, we had never feel so patriotic, able to fly the Singapore flag on our bike upon reaching Singapore land and to my house. At the same time, celebrating national day which the theme was:

Live our dream, fly our flag.

I wanted to contribute myself back to Singapore. The only channel I knew was to approach the RC (a neighbourhood community organized by the main political party of Singapore) chairman but he seemed uninterested about my approach.

When the General Election was near, I noticed that there was unhappiness shown over the cyberspace about being a Singaporean. Many lost their faith, trust and hope towards the nation that they belonged to. Our fathers had come from foreign land to Singapore when it was a 3rd world country. They were the ones that helped in nation building, to what we have now being the 1st world country.

Sam and I went to a few election rallies held by the opposition parties and could feel the anger from the people. The results had shown that about 40% of the qualified voters were unhappy. The 60% of the vote had secured 93% of the ruling party in the parliament.

Singaporeans have to go back to the same days again after the General Election. Nothing will be changed as we, Singaporeans, still carried the same disappointment, looking for opportunity to migrate and leave this heartbreaking relationship.

It was when Dr Tan Cheng Bock came into my life. I volunteered being with his team for this presidential election 2011. I could get to know Doc, close as a friend. When we were on the street, I witnessed commoners coming up to him, thanking him for what he had done for them personally. There were too much stories and testimonials to tell here.

Every time we met up, he would casually tell us about his plan for Singapore and what he wanted to do for us. We would talk Singaporean topics and visit heartland places. All these little gestures from Doc had started to seed the confidence of being a Singaporean when I was with him. It’s the good vibration around him.

I was able to walk and breathe again in the public where I used to dislike going out of the house for leisure. I felt the importance of being a Singaporean and what I have to do for the nation.

As a president, being above politics, Dr Tan Cheng Bock is the person to let us, Singaporean feels the sense of belonging and unity. He will be bringing back the lost sheep that have drifted away because of the previous relationship, because of the lost hope in our country.

Thank you Dr Tan, you made me proud being a Singaporean again. From being a fallen angel and become a citizen that is able to sing the national anthem with pride.

I would like to fly the Singapore flag with the same feeling that I had flew it everytime we set a new record for Singapore during our round the world trip:

Argentina (Ushuaia, most southern end of the world),

Alaska (Artic Circle, most northern end of the world),

Top Villarrica volcano (Chile),

world largest salt flat Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia) and of course,

upon reaching back to Singapore.

I would like to take this opportunity to send a message to all fellow Singaporeans on this national day 2011:

We are one united people and there will always be Hope Too.


Anonymous said...

hahaha!!!! what a 360 degrees reverse!!!
frankly, singapore doesn`t need people like you.....

Anonymous said...

Haha!! What a hypocrite!!! Does Singapore need this parasite!!!

Anonymous said...

Those of you who put him down have no heart.

ridephree said...

Hi Goh and Samantha, Chris Kelly here, your host in Port Hueneme, California. I liked what you wrote, glad you are still writing your blog I have 2 women staying from Singapore with me tonight. We met through Couchsurfing ! Be well