Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Sorry guys. i know it's a little disappointing. i want to tell you the last part of our trip where we ride with Honorable Tunku Hassan of Johor and the bikers night with him.

It's near Chinese New Year corner, 3rd of February for this year. I'm rushing for a few landscape jobs.

I got tired when I got home at 11pm. it would be a blessing if i can reach home at 8pm daily.

Waking up at 7am is a torture to me. It seems like 7 hours of sleep is never enough.

Where is my time with Samantha?

Where is my time with my friends?

There are still many friends that we wanted to meet after we come back to Singapore for the last 5 months.

We really regretted that one of our trip supporter, Hii Chun Hui, had passed away. We did not get a chance to meet up with him after we come back. he is a year younger than me.


Is building up my business really that important?

Someone told me:

now you just started my business, it's already something positive that you have landscape jobs on hand. Being busy is a good thing, better than nothing. Else you have to work for somebody. It's always the most difficult at the start of the business.

Is that so important? what we are concerned now is that what we want in our life?
what good do we do to the society by being so busy?

what about our loved ones?

For those that are not in Singapore, let me introduce the popular Singapore Dream to you which is the 5C:

Credit Card
Country Club membership

It arose as a popular joke based on certain truths attesting to the unstated Singaporean cultural ethos of materialistic obsession and aspiration to achieve these things in order to impress others, both socially, economically and sociologically. - extracted from's_of_Singapore

Let us get out of this rat race first.

We want to publish a book: base on the inspiration we got from the 30 months trip.

I need a sleep now......


Amzah said...

Goh, how are you? Busy as usual kah? You still got time to update your blog which is a good sign lah! BTW,I write to tell you that I met Dave Guezuraga from Texas, USA in Chiang Mai early this month during my Thai/Laos/Cambodia adv ride. Dave as I was told housed you both during your world ride. Dave is on his World Ride now, he brought his KTM and should be coming down to Singapore to see you soon. Cheers. Amzah

singaporedream said...

hi amzah,

great to know that u went riding out of south east asia. u felt the difference and lifestyle?

keep in touch with Dave's blog and website as his perspective of riding and RTW is very special.

u heading to singapore soon?