Saturday, December 11, 2010

reply to comments about the tree issue.

Alientyc said...

i am just as sad as well whenever I see this happen. Trees were cut down in many areas too due to the new mrt circle line. you are brave to sit there but don't endanger yourself. 
solutions to the problem? public education and awareness.



What I am doing is not endangering directly on my life. It endangers my job because i am in this industry. The contractor on site will hate me, town management will list me under...

My industry is small. Everyone can be my customer. What I am doing clearly affected my name in this business. I may lose my job but I want to do some change in Singapore. I am sorry for those that are in this industry that I had put so much trouble in.

What I am doing now has affected everyone’s relationship in the industry.

I am not looking into the technical part on why that 2 trees at my estate has been crown reduced. I am looking at the 3 main points I mentioned on the posting below, especially point number #3.

I noticed that when I talk to fellow industry people about this matter, they discuss to me about very technical things. Some agree and some may have extra ideas on it. Tree maintenance is a balance between science and art. Some may find that doing it this way is good and the others on their way. Both methods served the same IMMEDIATE solutions.


But it may not be correct because those trees at this website origin are not the same as in Singapore.

Many of our industry players do not see the big picture. Their big picture is limited to their business and earnings.

That’s why I am sad.

Trees don’t tell lie, only human do.

Trees will need to make way for human’s better standard of living, example: introduction of building structures.

When it comes with comparison on a human life and a tree, of course… we do not need to mention... you know the answer.

Here is a picture I took during my round the world trip. It’s extracted from a book and I found it meaningful. Bottom of my heart, I would like to share it with all of you.

wait, it's not finished. just after i posted this, i went to the same coffee shop to have my lunch, i notice that the owner of the coffeeshop has a few large potted plants standing on the grass. 2 pots of bamboo and 2 pots of Juniperus.

The bamboo stands about more than 5 meters tall. top of the bamboo is always shaking because of the minor breeze. i ask myself: there isn't much wind right now. what if there are sudden wind speed approach, as described by those 'expert' that broke the trees? why didn't the coffeeshop owner cut the bamboo down, do the same 'crown reduction' as the trees i mentioned? then the wind will not topple these potted plants. then i move on and take a closer look:

He is a genius!


Anonymous said...

hey hey! what you did is very Goh MC style. The contractors are merely following orders from 'employer', who in turn act upon request/demand from public. In town council, main bulk of complaints and requests and demands are from residents. if TC dont act to what they say, they go to MPs who in turn request on their behalf. so what can the TC do? but to follow orders. just one week into my job and i am already demoralised by the job demands. and i tot my old work place was bad, trees on the small island are worst off than those you have in your photos. This simply shows typical singaporean attitude...Kiasism. many lack the love and appreciation for nature. Many trees in s'pore are also foreign imports during the initial campaign to plant more trees in the 70s by order of our then PM. they never envisioned what the tree will be like in 30 years time, so now problems surfaced. we discussed more when we meet yah? ;> but cool down for now hor.. your wife still needs you..

from your fellow arborist.

singaporedream said...

Yes. I like the way u discribe that small island.