Monday, June 21, 2010

sumbawa n lombok

We reached Labuanbajo, the western end of Flores Island. The town seemed to be a laid back tourist. Everyone that could speak English in this place would start a topic by asking us what we are going to do tomorrow. The reason behind it was that they could organize a trip to Komodo Island.

Komodo Island is situated west of Flores Island and east of Sumbawa Island. The trip would start at 6am, taking a 2 hours boat to the island, take a walk for 2 hours and come back on the 2 hours boat again. No thanks, taking picture of big lizards for us$50 per person?!

We took the ferry at 7am on the next day to Sumbawa Island. There wasn’t much interesting sites in Sumbawa except for looking at my GPS traveling along the weird shaped Island, trying to figure out how to go west. So we only stayed for 2 nights.

As we went further west, the traffic got built up. Lombok Island wasn’t that huge. By looking at the map, it seems complicated but in fact, it was very easy to travel. We went to a base of a mountain to escape the crowd and stayed in a bungalow. Strangely, we were surrounded by rice paddy fields but there wasn’t any sight of mosquito. The only thing we would hear is the continuous flowing of water from the mountain and the sound of frogs trying to look for soul mates. The name of the place is called Tetebatu.
bakso again.

Many tourist come to Lombok Island for surfing and to go to the Gili Island. Gili Island is those type where there are beach lodging, sun tanning beach, surfing and full moon party. Not for us too but we would loved to see. So the nearest would be going to Kuta.

We just spend a bakso afternoon in Kuta and left. Not a place for us.

We spend a night in Senggigi. Yes, it was a tourist town but we felt very comfortable because of the owner at Hotel Elen. The owner (he seemed to be the owner) was very humble and polite. When we got onto the bike and went out of the gate, he had sincerely invited us back to Lombok by speaking to Sam in Bahasa:

Thank you very much for the stay, I hope you will come back here again because this place is Lombok, not Indonesia.

The north route of Senggigi was pretty. We went exploring the mountain road before catching the ferry across to Bali.

some adventure riders?

We stopped in the middle of the road as we saw another 2 adventurous bike traveling on the opposite direction. They were from Holland and UK. We exchanged emails and promised to send the GPS tracks of the route that we had taken. Till today, I had sent the tracks of Timor Leste and Australia to him but he couldn’t send any of his tracks to me


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Rachman said...

nice article bro......i'am the poeple who lived in that island
exactly i come from central lombok...
once again nice posting bro...i hope you will come back again to my island ..