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Adam & Eve, Garden of Eden and the Serpent

It seemed that everyone that visits Darwin must visit the Kakadu national park, a world heritage, listed with UNESCO.

Entrance fee to the park cost a$25 per person but there wasn’t any gate checking on the tickets.

The cheapest camp ground cost a$20 that provides drinking water, shower, human sticking flies and mosquito.

We had been told by the local travelers on their caravan that we MUST VISIT this park. Maybe they have not experience tropical climate before. The thing about Aboriginal religion was like:

Don’t ask too much, if not you will get cursed by the powerful being.

Don’t do this if not, bad things will happen to you.

Remember the story about the greedy lizard and the fighting snake?

This was what being passed to us, we are the children of the land and must respect the powerful spirit.

For me, I do not believe but I respect their religion and culture.

Usually visitor would go to Kakadu for the rock art, which was left for many years, like in thousands. When we visited, it seemed to be touch up before recently. There was no real truth and documentation about the reason behind all these drawings except the researchers gathered information from the local Aboriginals and they will tell stories related.

Our initial plan was to stay in Kakadu for 4-5 nights but the 2 nights was a struggle and the sites were over marketed. Some were too costly to participate like taking a boat to view the swampy land, which cost a$95 for 2 hours! Ciao bello!

The Sungai Beloh and Pulau Ubin of Singapore would be double rated than the Kakadu park and yet it is FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE OF CHARGE!!!

Then, the haze from Singapore might not be 100% from Indonesia. In this land of Australia, the Aboriginals burn the land too. Below was an extract from the catalog we took from the park:

The role of fire

Aboriginal people have burned country for tens of thousands of years. The ancestors gave them a cultural obligation to look after and clean up country, a duty handed down from generation to generations. Signs in nature told them of the time to burn, a time when minimal harm would be done to country but huge benefits would be gained.

Their ongoing traditional management of country is recognized in Kakadu’s World Heritage listing:

blar blar blar…

I don’t want to read, type and waste your time reading all these nonsense anymore.

I must admit that some views were really nice and the climb was easy. At this time, I do not want to talk anything about the Kakadu National Park again. The last hope I am giving this island was Kakadu National Park. Nothing in tourism impressed me.

What is more important is that I want to tell a story of Adam, Eve the Serpent and Garden of Eden.

Adam and Eve were first created in the Garden of Eden many thousands years ago. Both of them lead simple and happy life. They had children and grand children and the generations went on.

In the morning, they woke up, seeing the refection of the gold and germ stones on the ground shined by the morning sun and it reflected multi color lights onto the air. Looking upon the horizons it’s so beautiful because Garden of Eden had rich gold and gem stones. The descendants of Adam and Eve loved their land, letting these gold and gem stones untouched.

The women and children would make sure water supplies were clean and would start gathering berries and edible insects for food. The older women will teach the young women the art of gathering. The men will be out going to hunt for food for the family.
The elderly would usually use the wall of big rock as a classroom, gather the children in front of the wall, tell them stories and drew on the wall to have better illustrations, like a class room.

They built their houses by materials from the nature like wood and leaves. Usually most of them love to sleep on the bare ground under the stars in the dark night, which was much cooler. When they were about to sleep, the father would teach the children how to read star signs and weather. The mother would pat them to sleep.

They had really a happy and healthy life which most of them could live more than 100 years old. It’s really beautiful!

All the things changed when the Serpent came to the Garden of Eden. Serpent saw gold, gems and rich minerals in Garden of Eden and wanted to set up mine here. Serpent told the descendants of Adam and Eve that he will give the whole family of Adam and Eve money, houses and all the needs that they want without working hard.

Serpent explained to them how to use money and the wonder of what money can do.

Serpent promised them that they would have protected land.

Serpent will feed them and their entire family.

In return, the Serpent will introduce the family of Serpents into Garden of Eden.

Sounds good! The descendants of Adam and Eve were lured by the Serpent. Money does not exist in their life before. There wasn’t roof and concrete house for thousands and thousands of years. Now they do not need to worry anymore. It sounded that Serpent is giving them power and Serpent is a new God to them (because Serpent taught them money is power).

So the Serpent brought his colony over and settled in the Garden of Eden. They dug all the gold, gem stones and every natural minerals they could find, then sell it to other group of Serpents in other world and made lots of money. They confined the descendants of Adam and Eve into other areas with fences.

The Serpent colony grew more and more. They built cities all over Garden of Eden. They brought in cars and technology. They built tar road across the Garden of Eden. They cut trees down with machine. They built factory that uses the pure water from Garden of Eden and released poison chemicals back to the Garden of Eden. The Serpents had entertainment and they also brought in alcohol.

The descendants of Adam and Eve tried to join the Serpents in their way of life but they couldn’t. Descendants of Adam and Eve did not have alcohol before and their body system could not process the alcohol properly. Alcohol damaged their body fast.

Descendants of Adam and Eve could not live in concrete houses with metal as they could not get in touch with the real ground. Many died at young age.

Some descendants of Adam and Eve still tried to live the life they had before, drinking water from the nature but many died because of the chemicals released from the Serpent factories.

Descendants of Adam and Eve could not see the beautiful sunrise anymore because there wasn’t any more gold and gems on the ground. They could not see the beautiful stars in the night anymore because the smoke from factory had became the new sky. They had no classrooms anymore because it was locked by the Serpent to view as art gallery.

Descendants of Adam and Eve had lost their habit and skills of hunting and gathering, rather, taking the money from Serpent, go to supermarket and buy bread, alcohol and try to live like the Serpent.

Now, there is no more wonderland in Garden of Eden. Everything was changed.

This goes on for hundreds of years. The Serpent colony grew stronger and stronger. The descendants of Adam and Eve became weaker than before. They became lazy and generation after generations, they became like zombie.

In present days, the Serpent colony finds that it was very hard for them to integrate with the descendants of Adam and Eve. The Serpent colony find them a nuisance, a threat to the colony and useless. Many Serpents complaint to the King of Serpents that why do they need to feed the descendants of Adam and Eve when they do not work and make money?

This will go on for the next hundred years. The descendants of Adam and Eve will soon die and perish under the hands of Serpent.

Isn’t it a sad story on what will happen to the descendants of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden?

Sam and I always hear the OZ talking about the Aboriginal people creating problems in the society and to the land of Australia. The OZ complaining about paying so much tax to the government and the government is feeding the Aboriginals, building houses for them, giving them free health care and yet, the Aboriginals burn down the house that the government built for them and sleep on the bush. They used the a$500 per week given by the government to buy alcohol. They create violent on the street after alcohol. OZ complaint and complaint about the Aboriginal, saying that they are really useless.

In my eyes, I knew that the Aboriginal people were the first people in the land of Australia and they own this land. Things changed when the British came sailing down about 100-200 years ago and started to make this their land.

The Aboriginal people could not integrate into our world of life. Most of them do not know the value of money, unlike us.

Their body system is built to live in the bush, sleep on ground, eat the wild food and survive under heat.

Their body system is NOT built to drink alcohol, eat sandwich and stay under concrete roof.

Why must we force them to do what we are doing? I really feel sad when the OZ complaint about them. There is nothing that we can do because both people come from 2 different worlds.

It’s really sad.

rainbow serpent

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Nice story...
To think a lot about how tolerant and respectful we are in our daily actions (even judgements!).

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