Saturday, November 7, 2009

Utah and Grand Canyon (Arizona's income)

Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon, too much tourist.

Grand Canyon again, we got sick after the 3rd hour of it.

Grand Canyon of Arizona...again.

Such a rug, selling at this price in Grand Canyon, to the tourist coming from all over the world. To me, it's just a piece of rug.

Grannnd canyonnnn... it was created few million years ago, before the bible times, (4004BC)

Some daily life we had.

Horseshoe Bend. Seems small? look at the greeny stuff on the bottom left of the picture, it is a tree. You will know how deep this is. Don't drop your wallet here.

Arches National park of Utah.

Arches National Park, where there are alot of these 'natural bridges' formed. We gotta park our bike, lock our helmet and riding gears on the bike and carry our valubles and hike deep with our motorcycle gear to take this picture.

Arches National Park of Utah.

Our hiking route.

Can't remember the details of this photo.

Sorry my friends, we had not update the blog for 2-3 weeks. there wasn't a suitable place for me to write and upload. Usually the national parks here do not have WIFI or electrical supplies. We would be lucky to have a site to stay without reservation, being in competition with those motorhomes where they would stay for long term in a site.

After Mark Weeding's warm nest, we force ourselves to start moving on. Going thro Idaho, then south to Utah. We stopped over a tourist infomation center and a local rider approached to recommand over his state about nice riding route. we changed our initial plans.

The route he recommanded was really great. Our first approach to the national parks in USA was impressed. they were well organized and well maintained.
Utah, Utah Utah.

How nice it was? you could see from the pictures. some of our pictures were accidently erased... i donno why. so we could only recall from memories and could not share with you.

along HWY 128, after visiting Arches National Park, there were about 8 campsites within 11 miles. it was near sunset and we rode in this beautiful valley and wanted to look for a tent space under the cloudless stary night. I can't believe it. All these 8 campsites were filled with motorhomes and RVs. Luckily a lady stopped us along the road as she knew that we were like her, being lost and desprate looking for a place to pitch a tent. She showed us in the dark on the avalible space beside her. It was the time where Sam and i did not put on the fly sheet of our tent and we slept under the stars!

I say again, HWY 128 of Utah is a thumbs up!

I also met a guy outside a grocery stall telling me how much he loved ABC stout (a dark beer from Singapore). Anyone could export it to USA, he would be glad to be the distrubutor. Hmm, i think he would rather drink the whole 40feet container of beer than selling it off.

Escalante, the grand staircase, really scares me off, as a rider. why? I am riding on the ridgeline of a mountain and the landscape below was really beautiful. it's a one lane, 2 way road. off to the left below was the beauty. off to the right below was also the beauty. i just can't keep my eyes off it! then i realise that Hope Too was swaying to where my eyeline was looking at, that was about to go DOWN into the hill! I better keep my concentration on the road while Sam video it down.

I'm getting tired now, internet is too slow. will keep you updated when i reach LA when Hope Too would be crated up in the freight forwarder's warehouse and i have more time to write while waiting for our flight to Sydney on 26 November.

I would update about the Las Vegas experience, Death Valley, Yosemite, San Francisco with Thor Anderson + Gerry and Redwood park. We also visited a nude club where i went to soak in the hot springs with naked males and females!


Anonymous said...

Great to meet you Goh, Sam & Hope Too at Harbin Hot Springs!! I will begin seeking a crate for Hope Too this week and please visit me in Santa Barbara on your way to LA. All the best, Duncan Badine

heartache said...

awesome photos you have here! simply love the 1st one especially. somehow, reminded me of fingers?? hahahahaha....

financialfreedom said...

Stumbled upon your blog.

Really cool what you guys are doing. I admire your courage to take time off to travel the world.

I hope to do something like what you all have done too in the future.

Marisol said...

Hi Guys!!!! I've tried to leave a comment yesterday but didn't work. Great pics! I'll be waiting for those stories for when you have better internet connection.
Go on riding safe, and ENJOOOOOOOY!!
Big big kiss for you two!


asimovic said...

stumble on this blog..
absolutely fantastic kind of travelling..
travel safe and best of luck~