Monday, October 5, 2009

Thank you

We would like to thank Atwin and his friend from Singapore Bikes forum

VARA (Varadero Adventure Rider Asia)

for the fundraising, supporting our trip. they had sponsored us for all the lodging and gas bill in Alaska. below is the break down of what we had used. all quoted in US$:

15 Sept: Camping @ Tok - $15
16 Sept: Camping @ Fairbanks (Riverview RV park) - $19.90
17 Sept: Camping @ Coldfoot - $0.00
18 Sept: Camping @ Fairbanks (Riverview RV park) - $19.90
19 Sept: Camping @ Fairbanks (Riverview RV park) - $19.90
20 Sept: Camping @ Wasilla - $0.00
21 Sept: Alaska Back Packers Inn @ Anchorage - $54.00
22 Sept: Mendeltna Lodge @ Mendeltna $20.00

total for lodging in Alaska: $148.70

15 Sept: Filled 27.17ltrs @ $0.963/ltrs = $26.17 for 542km
17 Sept: Filled 24.15ltrs @ $0.994/ltrs = $24.02 for 450km
18 Sept: Filled 20.29ltrs @ $1.058/ltrs = $21.47 for 424km
20 Sept: Filled 25.46ltrs @ $0.923/ltrs = $23.50 for 426km
21 Sept: Filled 28.12ltrs @ $0.944/ltrs = $26.61 for 524km
23 Sept: Filled 22.02ltrs @ $1.031/ltrs = $22.72 for 413km
23 Sept: Filled 17.17ltrs @ $1.019/ltrs = $17.49 for 300km

total for Gas in Alaska: $161.98

Total for Lodging and Gas in Alaska = US$310.68 (S$447.38)

Thank you my fellow biker's friend from Singapore!


Mohammed said...

Hi bro, the team of us with ATwin, generally call ourselves VARA, the Varadero Adventure Riders Asia, mainly made up by a bunch of VARA 1K riders and also a few other makes but they were also ex VARA riders now riding Africa Twins, GS1200, STX and FJR. We feel glad that the funds have reached you and you have found it useful no doubt its just a small amount.... You go live our dreams bro...and take it all home to us and we will buy your wifey and you a teh tarik when you get back...All the way buddy, We will be waiting.... Now go clock some more mileage...hahhah...

Varadero8212, Varadero Adventure Riders Asia....

Amzah said...

Salam to you both. Bila mahu balik Singapore? Teh tarik any where when you are home Bro! Ride far ride safe. Amzah

singaporedream said...

Asalam Aleikum Mr Mohammed and Amzah!

terima kasih atas sokongan anda!